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SG Item Hunters [1.8.0] [Mini game]

You are already tired of normal survival in Minecraft. Are you tired of monotonous trekking and adventure. Then this resource is for You! Here are the map that includes various tasks. On the screen You have bright letters, the text is displayed with a description of what you need to get. All of the items you can easily find or make in their world of Minecraft. After you get the required resources, return to the spawn point and throw them into the vortex, then get a new quest. All generated more than 30 interesting jobs related to your search.

SG Bar Brawl [1.8.0] [PVP]

Here are the fun and addictive game that includes pvp battles. Call your friends in multiplayer mode and make the loudest fight in the bar. Children do not give! After a big dose of alcohol, Your review will be very vague, and You will not be able to adequately assess where I am going and who I beat. The aim of the game is to be alone in the whole bar. Exit the winner of this brawl. Make himself master of places!

SG Cube Controllers [1.7.0] [PVP]

This mini-game is very similar to the Planetary patrol. Gather your friends and call in multiplayer mode. Your goal is to capture the blocks of your opponents. To do this, You have to fight, but to succeed we need to find good weapons and armor. Here there is a straight line passing through the arena, which leads it to the platform with the best outfit. Once You become its owner, You will not stand any one player. The line in the middle part leads to the shelters and the rapid move down a level. Throw all your opponents off the platform and remain the sole survivor.

SG Boom Blocks [1.7.0] [Survival]

Here are quite simple but very fun and interesting game. It can participate as one person, and many. With friends, of course, steeper. Starting the game, You will be on a certain platform, where it is constantly in random places will be a blockage, which after a time would explode. To understand when it's time to retreat, will show color blocks from yellow to red. After reaching a red color will be detonated. Your goal is as soon as possible to run and Dodge the explosions to demolish rivals and eventually be the last man standing on the platform.

SG SkyWars [1.8.0] [PVP]

Here are one of the best cards for air PVP battles, created specifically for the handheld version of Minecraft. It contains a total of 16 different arenas for participation. In the future, the author plans to create 5 large scale buildings. The entire game is automated map, using Redstone mechanisms and command blocks, so all You need to do to start the game, is to recruit a team of participants from 2 to 4 people and just press a button on the lobby menu. You will take a random arena, where every time will be randomly placed chests with completely different resources.

SG Spooky Dodgeball [1.6.0] [Mini game]

Who doesn't love winter in the nice weather playing in the snow. On this map built a arena so You can freely leave the clumps of snow with his friends even when it is summer! Arrange the whole tournament between groups of participants. Hide behind special covers that You have not got. Identify the winning team, after a stormy fight. The entire map is made in the style of Halloween with lots of pumpkins and cobwebs.

SG Zombie Runners [1.6.0] [Mini game]

We've all seen how the heroes of the film fleeing from the invasion of the walking dead and somehow remain alive. This card offers You to feel what it's like when you rushing a Horde of zombies. The goal is not to kill as many monsters as possible, namely, not to allow them to catch You. Zombies will constantly spionida on the stage, yet not overwhelm You with their number. After two minutes of gameplay area overflows hostile evil, oozing from every corner and from behind every pillar. Against a crowd You will have absolutely no weapons! The only chance for salvation is Your feet, so run with all your forces! Play with your friends to see who can survive the longest.

SG Toxic Troubles [1.6.0] [Parkour]

In this game we destroy the entire caustic and dangerous stuff which fills the Internet today. Good luck to the heroes, who will be able to pass all three stages of this map, dodging poisonous and toxic blocks. Call your friends, because the map command, can play several people. Though the path is more dangerous than the road to Mordor, You are sure it will pass!

SG GenChunk [1.6.0] [Survival]

Here are the map with the most difficult conditions for survival. Your goal is to develop a piece of floating solid platform, which constantly generates different blocks, both useful and not. Start the game by pressing the button first. Resources will be as mad, but guess where the desired is very difficult. Clearly think about your survival plan, not to die at least the first night. If You are a lover of thrill and exciting challenges in survival mode, then be sure to download this map, because it is designed specifically for You.

SG H&S: Valley [1.6.0] [Hide and seek]

Classic card game with friends hide and seek from the wonderful guys from SkyGames Team. This time we see a beautiful, albeit somewhat harsh at first glance, mountain landscape - something kind of resembling a suburb eyrie from Game of Thrones. Use every opportunity to blend in with the surrounding terrain to avoid capture - if You're not driving. 
Well, if happens to be driving, then You will have to thoroughly explore the picturesque valley, its streams, crevices, and there are buildings to find the fugitives

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