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SG Smack-o-Lanterns [1.8.0] [PVP]

SG Smack-o-Lanterns

Here are the Pvp-arena in the form of Islands, floating above the abyss. It is a rotating holiday symbol of Halloween – the big pumpkin. I must say that the movement of the platform is unsafe, since it has a lot of holes directly in the floor. The aim of the player is to capture this pumpkin and its protection. The player who will take a pumpkin becomes a pumpkin bully. He can carry opponents to smithereens, so no one else can get coveted symbol of Halloween. Others should try to catch a pumpkin and become its new owner. It's a pretty fun mini-game with elements of fighting and chasing. Call your friends in multiplayer mode play together!

Download fls3g-rbsmack-o-lanterns.mcworld [350,66 Kb] downloaded: 6 times
Download last version of SG Smack-o-Lanterns from the official website
Download SG Smack-o-Lanterns from MediaFire

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