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MarvelCraft [1.0.0]


This addon introduces four superhero costume, a bunch of interesting fixtures and of course new weapons. Also according to the usual world of Minecraft will wander all well-known villains. Wear your gear, gather weapons and engage in epic battles against the forces of evil. You will fight against venom, Loki and other intruders. Only You determine the fate of the game world.

Download marvelcraft.mcpack [443,4 Kb] downloaded: 1041 times
Download marvelcraft-textures.mcpack [647,44 Kb] downloaded: 801 times
Download last version of MarvelCraft from the official website

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VENOM 2018 Movie [1.8.0]

Plunge into the atmosphere of the popular movie "venom" from marvel. Presented Supplement brings into play all of your favorite characters, as well as bike Eddie, who will serve as an excellent vehicle. Here You will meet sweet venom and a sinister Riot, the usual Eddie Brock without the symbiote and venom girl, and Carlton Drake and his agents with whom You will fight. You have a unique opportunity to realize the fantastic story in his familiar world of Minecraft.

Spider-Man [1.5.3]

Presents addon will help You to fully plunge into the world of Spider-Man from the marvel Universe. The addition includes a large number of useful items that will help you to become a real superhero. For example, several different armor to become Spider-Man. To apply the costume, you need to hit the rack for armor. Some mobs will be replaced with well-known criminals and villains, such as Mysterio and the Sledgehammer. To defeat them You offer unusual tools and weapons. Particularly useful is a subject called Swing, which will help You navigate the familiar world of Minecraft as a Spider-Man. There is also the opportunity to ride the spider, using "Active Active Spider Control". If You love Spider-Man, will certainly try this resource and start your superhero story.

Alex’s Better Weapons [1.1.0]

This addon replaces more than ten items from the world of Minecraft modern weapons. Sniper rifle with silencer, grenades, combat knives, baseball bat, katana and even a nuclear bomb! Now that mobs not be good. Even some types of potions has been modified for convenience and greater efficiency.

Jimbo’s Christmas Weapons [1.8.0]

This addon replaces a few simple tools in Minecraft Pocket Edition weapon Christmas themes. Three of the four guns have a large area of influence, leaving in place a protracted malicious effects of this potion, namely 20 seconds. It's a wonderful thing, because You can deal damage to multiple hostile monsters.

Jimbo’s Modern Weapons [1.1.0]

This addon replaces some low quality tools for modern standard weapons. With this weapon You can destroy everything that might threaten your survival. If You are tired of primitive fight, rather then download and install addition presents!

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