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InBegIn: Endless [1.0.0] [Horror]

InBegIn: Endless

InBegIn: Endless - the third part of a series of mysterious and eerie adventures. This time You will be sent to the village Richmond. As soon as you arrive, You will realize that there is something wrong. The developer does not want to reveal all the secrets, as the storyline is rather short, but extremely fascinating and intriguing, because You have no idea what to expect.

Download inbegin2_endlessfhm.mcworld [9,02 Mb] downloaded: 55 times
Download last version of InBegIn: Endless from the official website

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InBegIn: Destiny [1.1.0] [Horror]

InBegin: Destiny is a mind - bending map of horrors. Your task here is to avoid the terrible nightmare. The plot has multiple endings dependent on Your actions. It is quite complicated, but fascinating story, albeit creepy. But sometimes fear helps to make the right decision. In the story, You Wake up in an unknown place. Every time You are trying to approach the truth one step, the situation becomes more complicated. Can You escape from this hellish nightmare or will be stuck for all eternity?
it is Worth mentioning that this map is based on these games-horror like Outlast 7 Days Salvation.

Large glitch village

This side contains a rather unusual village. One of the buildings here are dilapidated, the other has a strange look. I have the feeling that the builders were pretty drunk, or someone had lost the plan. So the shattered village, in fact, quite rare, which is worth a look.

Triple village, the temple in the wilderness and Spawner zombies

Located in this side is really cool triple village with incredible mountain landscape. Here you can find two blacksmiths and a lot of useful resources that are particularly useful for initial development in the world of Minecraft. Near the settlement is a desert Temple as well as the video indicated the place where very close to the surface of the earth formed the Treasury with chests and spawners zombies.

Four villages near spawn

This led includes four villages, which are easily accessible on foot. Three of them are blacksmiths, storing useful things and resources. It's a great start for a new adventure in the world of Minecraft. Also visit the abandoned settlement, zombie-infested residents. If You like survival, then be sure to try out are the LEDs.

Surface dungeon and a village with a Church

In this side You will be able to find the cave, which was formed on the surface of the earth, and a village in clay biome, which includes the temple of the desert and the gold mine. This is a really excellent led with lots of interesting things to discover. Here also houses many resources, which makes the map ideal for survival and long outdoor adventures.

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