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InBegIn: Destiny [1.1.0] [Horror]

InBegIn: Destiny

InBegin: Destiny is a mind - bending map of horrors. Your task here is to avoid the terrible nightmare. The plot has multiple endings dependent on Your actions. It is quite complicated, but fascinating story, albeit creepy. But sometimes fear helps to make the right decision. In the story, You Wake up in an unknown place. Every time You are trying to approach the truth one step, the situation becomes more complicated. Can You escape from this hellish nightmare or will be stuck for all eternity?
it is Worth mentioning that this map is based on these games-horror like Outlast 7 Days Salvation.

Download inbegin-destinyupdatedfhm.mcworld [631,42 Kb] downloaded: 107 times
Download last version of InBegIn: Destiny from the official website

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