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Tundra Collapse Run [1.2.5] [Mini game]

Snowy Cold Tundra is a mini - game for 2-4 people, where players must fight to survive on earth, which is constantly crashing. This mode differs from the standard splif the fact that it is impossible to know which block will disappear next. It makes mini-game is quite unpredictable. How to play? Before starting you will need to switch the lever to determine how many players there are who will play (2-4 players). Don't forget to switch the lever to "Continue" to start the game. After each participant chose a color, everyone will be teleported into the arena. You are allowed to kill other players, destroy the layers of snow and even throw snowballs to knock down your opponents.

Blue Topia X`MAS Edition 2018 [1.2.5] [Map]

Blue Topia is an amazing city with more than 270 buildings with a well-designed interior. There are many different areas that are worth exploring. Such as Chinese palaces, historical buildings, Fun Land, and many other things that are fun to visit. Blue Topia is, without a doubt, is one of the most detailed cities available for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. Update: a lot has changed in Wilson and in the Legislative Council. First street repaired. Wilson City: Capital Horizons Apartments and Seedling Museum is a new building! Hong Kong Saint-Terraces have been extended! A new landscape of ice and snow, Mossy forest

ArkCraft [1.2.5] [Survival]

ArkCraft - the wonderful world of unusual places that you have to explore. In this brand new world you will find many adventures and quests. And the landscape is not similar to the one you're used to in vanilla Minecraft. Find a way to survive alone or with friends. Create a database or use any of the already existing structures, to make your own house

Christmas [1.2.5]

This addon replaces some items, blocks and mobs to the game on things related to Christmas. This is really useful if you want to feel the spirit of Christmas and the New year. You will be able to decorate their homes with Christmas trees, gifts and various ornaments. And if you're lucky, you'll even find Santa! Christmas trees, gingerbread, Santa, gifts, and reindeer are some of the new things. Chalker replaced by a Christmas tree. Use dyes to paint your tree in another color.

Find the Button (Christmas Edition) [1.2.5] [Mini game]

This is a mini-quest called Find the button. It was created so that you could pass in a day only one level. Just a mini-game 12 levels. If you wanachate passage now, you will finish it by the New year. In addition to mini-games, players can also explore the village of Santa Claus. The rules of the game: survival mode, difficulty: peaceful brightness of 60-70%, are allowed to break iron blocks

Winter Season [1.2.5]

This addon is similar to the popular addon Seasons, except that with this addition it will be made in the winter style. This applies to all biomes, including grass and leaves, such as plains or forest biomes, but not the desert. This is a great way to add Christmas spirit to your world or just to spend time on winter vacation, if you really like winter landscapes. As you can see, the chests were replaced with gifts and maybe a few other blocks.

Take Screenshot Button [1.2.5]

Recently introduced Minecraft Realms Clubs. It is essentially a small community that allow players Realms to interact and share screenshots. If you've played the Realms, you might notice that the menu "Pause" icon is a small camera. So far it worked only for the participants of the Realms. But now it is available for everyone! This is a very useful option for taking screenshots in the game. All screen captures are saved in the folder "Screenshots": /games/com.mojang/Screenshots/ Since they are stored locally on your device/computer, you can do whatever you want, for example, to modify them or upload to the Internet.

The Cube Escape v.1.2.4 [1.2.5] [Logical]

Test your skills in Minecraft through a series of 9 different tasks within the spatial cube. You are trapped inside the cube, and your goal is to break through all barriers to ultimately find the treasure and, hopefully, the exit. Parkour, mazes, dangers, and puzzles are just a small part of what you will encounter. There are 9 different quests, and each of them will always be something new.

Alex’s Commands Mod [1.2.5]

Alex's Commands - a really useful mod for Minecraft that allows you to use more than 35 different commands to control the game. First team /nuke, will cause a powerful explosion and may be a little lag you have. command /heal: Max health /clock: shows current time /setspawn: Sets the spawn /sethome [NAME]: set a new home point at your current location /home [NAME]: Teleport to the various home points that you set. /weather [sun/rain/storm/lightning]: install weather. /kill: kill yourself. /cc: clear chat /normal: Reset game speed /fast: speed up the game speed /slowmo: slow motion /xyz: Show current location /feed fill your hunger and much more

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