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Magician Supreme Boss [1.0.4]

This addon will make the swamp biome is much more dangerous for walking, because here you can stumble on Archmage, which is a pretty strong boss. Though the wizard and similar to Santa Claus, You don't want to approach him without good equipment and weapons. In a battle with a mage calculate every move, because the old man in store many surprises. If You get too close to the boss, it will shrink and try to escape.

Wizard Magic Balls [1.0.0]

Wizard Magic Balls adds 7 magical spheres in the familiar world of Minecraft. They can throw, causing various unusual phenomena. Some balls are used as weapons against hostile mobs or players, others for healing. Presents addon replaces the rods, which is the only disadvantage of this resource.

Mine-Wizard [1.0.4]

This addon introduces a sorcerer who will serve as guardian of the villagers. These mages are very powerful as they can throw explosives and poisonous potions at their enemies, and heal yourself if the fight fail health. The developer conducted an experiment by putting one sorcerer against a huge crowd of angry zombies. The magician dealt with them successfully!

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