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SG Bunker Brawl [1.8.0] [PVP]

The fight in the bunker is an interesting Pvp game with elements of hide and seek. Call your friends in multiplayer mode and chooses the role of the seeker of one of the participants. The other players will be runners and they need a short period of time to find a secluded place and hide. During the game, runners must overcome the weight of the hopper and undetected, to try to escape through the exit. The seeker will be in possession of a weapon in the form of bows and arrows, so runners won't be easy, dodging the deadly projectiles. If the seeker wins of all opponents, he wins, but if some runners will be able to escape, then will triumph peace team players.

Village&Pillage [1.9.0]

During the event Maynkon, it was announced a new update called the Village & Pillage. After being introduced, one of the innovations will be the appearance of several new mobs. For example, pillagers Bulls (also known as Animals) - wild and dangerous creatures, who attack without sparing residents with their powerful attacks. And Pilate is a hard - core robbers, shot the peaceful population of Minecraft with his arrows. To protect the villages, the developers decided to equip the character with a crossbow, which deals much more damage than usual bow. This addon will allow You to go ahead and try all these new products first. However, keep in mind that the Supplement is a copy, created by video and photo materials Mincone, so You will not find here anything official!

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Laser Projectiles (No Gravity) [1.1.0]

With the addon you can feel yourself a real sniper. This expansion adds only one interesting change almost all projectiles, such as arrows from the bow, Snezka and even the spitting llama. Now they are not affected by gravity, and move after the shot forward until, until you reach the block or entity. Of course, about the realism of this type of guns is debatable, but in General, the modification is quite amusing.

Bows and Arrows Challenge [1.0.5] [Mini game]

Here You will have to show all their skills of archery. This map includes 10 different levels of medium difficulty. If You manage to pass them all, then at the end You will be a surprise. Read more about the campaign You can learn personally from the Creator. The link to his page below. We wish you much success!

Mine-Cupid [1.0.0] [Map]

This addon will bring to the familiar world of Minecraft Pocket Edition some love. The bat will be replaced with Cupid - the God of pure love and affection. Only the Almighty, whose power lies in his "arrow of love". In the game the shells, getting in the player will regain health. Mancevski mobs, of course, will not love You, but still this is a useful addon that adds an atmosphere of celebration - Valentine's day (14 February).

Killer Bats [1.0.0]

This addon turns a harmless bat in a dangerous killing machine. Think of it as a challenge. Try to spawn in a closed room pieces 20-30 of these mobs and see how long You can survive in such conditions. The package presented will be useful for those who want to make dungeons in the familiar world of Minecraft even more dangerous, as it was inhabited by these bats killer.

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