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Bamboo forest and Panda

In this wonderful side of You to show up right in the jungle. Before You the temple will be located with all sorts of resources and dangerous traps. But that's not the only thing you can find on this map. Near here grows a real bamboo forest (namely, at the coordinates: x = 464, Y = 64, Z = 115), home to the cute pandas. Now you do not have to look long and tedious these little darlings. For use submitted to SIDA You will need version 1.9 of Minecraft and above, because only there are generated such a magnificent forest.

SG Mexa: Mesa Jungle [1.8.0] [Survival]

Your soul calls for new adventures, but can't find a decent map to start with? Specifically, the team of builders have created a special user world, which is perfect for survival mode. There's an extraordinary forest of the jungle, which grows literally everywhere, on the clay biome, the mountains and hills. Looks pretty nice. Here You will find all the necessary ore and resources. So start playing and you will not regret.

The Pirate’s Paradise [1.8.0] [CTM]

You want to be a pirate? Surf the endless water spaces, to hide treasures in unusual places? Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the sea along with the map. No, You will not find luxury ship and become a pirate in fact. Here are just a great area with a unique landscape and plenty of water. You will definitely want to take a boat and begin your new adventure, sailing among the high rocky mountains, jungle and other charming places. The map includes 51 different types of buildings and structures, 24 types of rural houses 14 well-designed dungeons, 773 cool shit for new biomes. When You appear in the beginning, you'll see the high rocky mountains. The author called their "island spikes". Here You can find a variety of dungeons, and more.

The Jungle [1.1.0] [Creative]

Here are the amazing cozy place in the jungle where you can start your new adventure - survival in the world of Minecraft. Base includes five different houses, some of which are on the trees. Also in the district of wandering a lot of cattle, and underground mines are interesting for research. This map is not intended to open achievements. The Creator spent a lot of effort in order to build a beautiful and comfortable home for those who love the jungle.

The two temples of the jungle near the spawn point

On this map we appear in the dense jungle near the temple. Moreover, nearby there is another temple. Of course, they need to explore, to search and to get everything more or less valuable. Gold, emeralds – all useful, even iron horse armor. At the same time you can find shelter on the next night until the house is built, and his bed there. The jungle around is rather big, the area is hilly and very picturesque. To explore the area a pleasure.

The temple of the jungle on the water

Presented in side You will find yourself in a dense jungle. If you fly in the direction indicated, then after about thirty seconds you will be able to reach the Temple. By the way, he is right on the water. If You can get there in survival mode, breaking the tall hills? In the Temple You expect traps and surprises.

Gorillas [1.1.0]

This Supplement replaces the familiar creeper gorillas. The kids they look incredibly adorable. It is hard to resist not to take one of them in Pets. However, this is not just a decorative little game: when they grow up, You will have a good defence.
Monkeys are generally quite closely associated with people, so I think they will find a suitable place!

TreeHouse [1.1.0] [Creative]

This card is perfect for those who always wanted to live in a tree, plunged into the wild of the jungle. Feel like a character in the popular movie "Tarzan". Here built quite a lot of houses, so You can invite his friends to live together among tall trees. No build does not include any furniture, so You have to evolve to aboutit their nest.

Epic Cliffs in the Jungle

In this side You will appear in the biome of the jungle, covering a distance of 100-150 units. If you walk a little further into the thick forest, you will find lots of epic cliffs and mountain ledges. This is a very difficult kind of terrain, as it is quite difficult to pass, which makes the led very interesting for survival.

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