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SG Zombies Christmas Edition [1.8.0] [PVE]

Before You mob-arena Christmas decorations. You can play alone or with your friends. Here You have to try to survive, battling with a large number of monsters. Collect coins from dead vermin and buy weapons in a special shop. For the successful completion of the waves, You will be able to unlock the next stages. With the mini-game You will definitely improve your fighting skills.

Wave [1.1.1]

This addon introduces to the usual Minecraft world is a very strange mob called Wave. The creature can cause with a single Redstone mechanism. In case of success in the air will fly something similar to a worm. The creature will fly, creating different patterns in the sky. But be vigilant and not give in to hypnosis, being in survival mode, otherwise the mob without thinking will attack You. Presented Supplement, definitely strange, but it allows you to demonstrate your fighting skills against something foreign.

TrippyPE [1.1.0]

Most likely You've never experienced are the Shader. With it the whole familiar world of Minecraft becomes wavy. If a person who knows about this resource, you'll see a game like this, he'd consider it a serious problem that must be solved. The Minecraft fully functional, but the curvature makes gameplay quite difficult, but interesting.

Mob Arena Battles 3 (Beta) [1.0.0] [Mini game]

The mob arena Battles 3 is a PVE (player vs environment) map of the arena which is recommended for multiple players. You can play alone, but it will be quite difficult. Now the mob arena only includes 2 levels with 10 waves, but in the future we plan more than 5 levels, and it is about 50 waves of hostile monsters. This is an amazing card for a good time and at the same time honing their combat skills!

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