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Lightsabers v.1.0 [1.2.5]


This addon adds 11 new items to the game, 9 of them is a powerful lightsabers! Lightsabers have different power depending on their level. You can get these items only from the zombies. Zombie now drops your brain, eyes or one of 9 lightsabers. If you just want to play around with the new items in the creative, you can use the command /give @p 1 yellow_flower [enter a number from 1 to 11], to get them.

There are 4 levels of lightsabers

  • Standard: +7 hearts +0.03 speed, 15 damage 
  • Simple: +8 hearts +0.04 speed, 17 damage
  • Rare: +9 hearts, +0.05 speed, 18 damage
  • Epic: +10 hearts +0.06 speed, 20 damage

Download lightsabers.mcaddon [12,8 Kb] downloaded: 488 times
Download last version of Lightsabers from the official website

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The Orca [1.8.0]

Orc is a fictional aggressive fish-like creature that will replace Dolphin. With this monster You definitely do not want to meet face to face, not prepared, not having good weapons and armor, since the power of his attacks reaches 5 hearts. The Orc threat not only in the sea, on the shore must also be always on the alert, because it may suddenly pop up and get to You. Also this fish is not averse to hunt the peaceful villagers. Presents being quite hardy, it has 200 hearts. The developer recommends to fight orkoy in the company of friends in order to make it easier to fill up. As you drop You will be able to obtain 1-7 diamonds. We wish you only successful battles!

Lucky Crystalv.1.0.1 [1.2.9]

This addition adds a special lucky crystal which will appear in random places in your world. You may face with crystals to get a particular  effect. It is impossible to say whether you will get the effect of a nerf or buff. In this sense they are very similar to Lucky Blocks. They are very useful if you're fighting and quickly need a buff. How does it work? "Lucky crystals" popping up everywhere. Every time pigs will spawn, there is a chance that there will be a "Lucky Crystal" instead of a pig. You can also use the egg spawn of pigs to try to get the crystal. Here is a list of different effects you can get with the help of a crystal: speed, acceleration, jumping ability, instantaneous treatment, the increase of hearts, levitation, instant damage, explosions, hunger, poison, slowness Crystals also affect mobs. Because some of the crystals are quite dangerous, sometimes it can be useful to send the mob on crystal 

Fractured World Addon [1.2.6]

This Supplement includes all of the mobs that were included in map adventures Fractured World. All new mobs have a completely new model and texture. Most of them are quite powerful, and some are even considered bosses, so this is a great option for anyone looking for new challenges in Minecraft. How does it work? Most mobs replace those that were originally found in the Overworld or in the end. This means that they will appear naturally and you will be able to quickly find them in the game.

Full list of new mobs:

  • the Evil cow, Replace cow Health: 40 hearts Damage: 4
  • Stone MiniGolem Replaces Creeper Health: 10 hearts Damage: 8
  • the Mummy Boss Replaces the evoker Health: 140 hearts Types of attacks Call bugs
  • Bugs Replaces Vex Health: 10 hearts Damage: 3
  • Mushroom-spider-boss Replaces spider Health: 60 hearts Damage: 18
  • Cave spider boss Replaces cave spider Health: 100 hearts Damage: 5
  • Demonic boss Replaces Zombie Pigman Health: 10 hearts Damage: 5
  • Replaces Giant parrots parrots Health: 35 hearts Damage: 4
  • Mushroom-monster-boss Replaces the witch Health: 400 hearts Damage: 10
  • Snow Golem the snow Golem Boss Replaces Facial animation Health: 150 hearts Damage: 2 Damage from snow: 5
  • Gorilla replaces the Iron Golem Health: 150 hearts Damage: 20
  • Replaces Snow boss zombie Health: 80 Damage: 3

Better Armor Addon [1.2.0]

This addon consists of three separate packages. One of them is a resource bundle, and the other two are packages of behavior. Addon focused on improving sets of armor in Minecraft. How does it work? Wearing a full set of armor you will receive bonuses (Assuming that you have an active bonus armor). Leather armor: +0,03 speed, +3 hearts, +1 to damage and immunity to drop. Golden armor: -0.01 speed, +5 hearts, +2 to damage and immunity to potions. Chainmail armor: +4 hearts +4 to damage and immunity to fire. Iron armor: +0.005 speed, +7 hearts +3 to damage and protection from shells. Diamond armor: +0.01 speed +10 of hearts +5 to damage and protection from explosions. 

The Space Addonv.1.0 [1.2.0]

This addon converts the Region to a dimension in like something on the moon. Stone and brick Edges have been slightly revised. In addition, the gravity was much less. There is also a new suit. How does it work? Space travel is easier than ever. Just go through the portal to reach the moon! But before you go make sure you wear a suit. Wearing the suit gives you several additional benefits. And if you don't wear it, you will have only 7 hearts and reduced movement speed.

  • Flame helmet - you won't drown, improving health (8 hearts)
  • Space jumpsuit - shock protection 
  • Space leggings - Increased speed 
  • Space shoes protection from drops 
Since space suit replaces the leather armor, it can be painted in any color. All you will need is a pot, some paints and water.  

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