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Undead Invasion [1.0.0]

Undead Invasion

Undead Invasion adds eight new types of zombies, at the same time, normal mobs are in the game. In this Supplement, some zombies will not be afraid of the sun, others can attack their own brethren, but also any other hostile monsters. This addon introduces a new and replaces nothing in the familiar world of Minecraft.

Download undead-invasion.mcpack [11,69 Kb] downloaded: 105 times
Download last version of Undead Invasion from the official website

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Flying Zombies [1.7.0]

Look for ways to complicate your life in survival mode? Then presented Supplement especially for You. It introduces all the zombies ability to flight and shooting fire projectiles! And this evil will no longer fear the sun and fire! This is really something incredible. Float in the air even drowned! Now to hide from the monsters will be almost impossible. I think that they are easy to kill ordinary sword? As it is not so! The addon makes zombies tough. Their health will be equal to 1000 hearts. So to fend off these horrible creatures also unrealistic. The conditions are harsh, and the survival, despite all the trials.

SG Undead Run [1.8.0] [PVE]

Want to check yourself for strength? Then this map is created especially for You! There are two Pve arenas, like festive cakes, United by only one bridge, which unceremoniously will hang zombies. Evil will be more and more and You have to hold this pressure and not let them occupy Your territory. Kill zombies, drop them off a bridge, do what you want, just stay alive and survive as long as possible time. Map made in Halloween style, so You hang around creepy atmosphere.

Village Guards [1.1.0]

Villages too are often subjected to attack by zombies and other evil spirits. This addon introduces archers and swordsmen, which will be made to protect civilians. Warriors will destroy any monsters that encroach on the territory of the inhabitants. If You think that the defense is too weak, try to teach simple peasants martial art. With the Supplement, you can easily live in the villages and not to worry about hostile mobs.

Alien Invasion [1.0.0] [Adventure]

The city was captured by the aliens and their intentions are clearly not good. You and Your friends, if you decide to play multiplayer, have to save the civilians and to free the city from this green evil. The goal is simple - kill the aliens and shoot down their spaceships. This map works with version 0.16.0 Minecraft Pocket Edition. It was created by developers Mojang, to showcase addition to one of his presentations at the meeting Minecon.

Zombie Apocalypse [1.0.0]

Zombie Apocalypse makes the survival mode much more difficult. Hostile mobs, such as zombies become stronger and faster, and they will no longer act the sun's rays. This means that You may encounter with the dead in any time slot of the day. The players, the people, the animals – no one here is safe. Beware! Zombies everywhere to eat You!

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