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Orca [1.1.0]


Yes, perhaps, the Minecraft not enough whales. But now they are. Orca – friendly, a huge mob that lives in water and in the game mechanics supersedes the villagers. If you kill him, will drop raw fish and raw salmon. Once on dry land, it dies after 30 seconds: still a whale on land lives. Health has 35 hearts and attack power of 11. A real giant of the sea!

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The Orca [1.8.0]

Orc is a fictional aggressive fish-like creature that will replace Dolphin. With this monster You definitely do not want to meet face to face, not prepared, not having good weapons and armor, since the power of his attacks reaches 5 hearts. The Orc threat not only in the sea, on the shore must also be always on the alert, because it may suddenly pop up and get to You. Also this fish is not averse to hunt the peaceful villagers. Presents being quite hardy, it has 200 hearts. The developer recommends to fight orkoy in the company of friends in order to make it easier to fill up. As you drop You will be able to obtain 1-7 diamonds. We wish you only successful battles!

The Admin Boss [1.1.2]

Who lives in the hills and savannas? Evil Admin Primaryname Cuba! 
This incredibly strong mob supersedes sparadise in these biomes Lam, but it looks like a humanoid creature made up of patterned cubes premarin. He attacks snow and iron Golems, villagers and the players themselves. To fight him will be difficult, because attack damage is 125 points and the level of health of as many as 1000 hearts. Will have to arm themselves to the teeth and not to forget to grab different potions. Unfortunately, at the moment with this monster there is no drop. 

Hulk [1.6.0]

This addon replaces the familiar iron Golem the Incredible Hulk. Four iron block, pumpkin. Big green monster attacks and all, not sparing even the villagers, so if You fall under the distribution, to survive there is very little chance. To fill up such a whopper, you need very good weapons, strong armor and skilled movement around the enemy. With him two HUNDRED and hearts of life, and damage attacks 15-21. To escape from it happens not always. Hulk moves very fast, so skilful to turn aside blows. But there are from him and use hostile mobs for You it is also easy to erase in a powder. If this monster is still to win, he will drop the diamonds (1-3), emeralds (2-5) and Star. Yes, here's another: * pumpkins and iron blocks are also changed.

The temple of the jungle on the water

Presented in side You will find yourself in a dense jungle. If you fly in the direction indicated, then after about thirty seconds you will be able to reach the Temple. By the way, he is right on the water. If You can get there in survival mode, breaking the tall hills? In the Temple You expect traps and surprises.

Village in the ocean

This is really cool village set on the water. The spawn point is on one of the footpaths of the village, so You will not need stomp to find it. Near the village stick out a couple of small sandy Islands. If you look into the distance, you will not see any of the mainland. This is truly a unique led with great potential for survival. Here You will not be bored as You are surrounded by a crowd of villagers.

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