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The Admin Boss [1.1.2]

Who lives in the hills and savannas? Evil Admin Primaryname Cuba! 
This incredibly strong mob supersedes sparadise in these biomes Lam, but it looks like a humanoid creature made up of patterned cubes premarin. He attacks snow and iron Golems, villagers and the players themselves. To fight him will be difficult, because attack damage is 125 points and the level of health of as many as 1000 hearts. Will have to arm themselves to the teeth and not to forget to grab different potions. Unfortunately, at the moment with this monster there is no drop. 

Smart Trees [1.1.2]

This addon transforms the world, making the trees much more subtle than before. Now the trees don't look very often baobabs: the thickness of the trunk resembles the bars of a fence, and it looks much more harmonious. Walking through the woods was much nicer. Although to some it may seem a bit strange blocks of wood between them. 

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