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No Cooldown Pearl [1.0.0]

No Cooldown Pearl

This addon replaces the usual snowballs on the subject, which is intended for teleportation. Its properties are similar to Ender Pearls, but there is one difference - the bulbs require no recharge and no recovery period. This is a very simple and useful addon, maybe it will be useful, for example, to get away from the monsters.

Download nocooldownresource.mcpack [1,52 Kb] downloaded: 111 times
Download nocooldownbehaviour.mcpack [1,27 Kb] downloaded: 119 times
Download last version of No Cooldown Pearl from the official website

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Presented Supplement enters the ordinary world of Minecraft new mobs that we are all very familiar with. Is the Dragons Territory, but rather the children of the very final boss, which flew around the mysterious dimension, bringing terror to every player. To see these flying mobs are quite rare. Their habitat will be a dark cave. There are two types of dragons, some neutral and others hostile to the inhabitants and players. All winged reptiles can shoot powerful spheres of the Region. To distinguish a malevolent dragon from its more relaxed sibling is quite difficult, therefore, exploring dungeons, be extremely careful. After the defeat of the flying mob will drop Gems of the Region and diamonds.

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