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Fireworks [1.0.4]


Fireworks replaces some items of the usual Minecraft on a smart salute. It is, indeed, a wonderful addition that will be useful during any holiday, such as New year or birthday. Fireworks include amazing accompanying sounds and beautiful visuals, mesmerizing eyes.

Download fireworks-addon-by-vladu11.mcaddon [22,49 Mb] downloaded: 218 times
Download last version of Fireworks from the official website

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NoteRealistic [1.0.5]

NoteRealistic introduces in the familiar world of Minecraft a much more realistic accompanying sounds. The package is still being finalized. At the moment the change was natural sounds such as rain, splashing water and other. Growling and howling mobs remains the same. In a future update the developer will try to make a lot of new things and please You elegant sound of our favorite games.

Fireworks Fireball [1.0.0]

Presents addon replaces the familiar balls of fire on a wonderful fireworks. You can create an auto-launcher, which will easily run this magnificent salute. Feel the holiday atmosphere and real excitement. Fireworks, of course, it didn't look real, but it looks very cool, especially at night.

Surface dungeon and a village with a Church

In this side You will be able to find the cave, which was formed on the surface of the earth, and a village in clay biome, which includes the temple of the desert and the gold mine. This is a really excellent led with lots of interesting things to discover. Here also houses many resources, which makes the map ideal for survival and long outdoor adventures.

Mythic Mobs [1.1.0]

This addon replaces the usual five mobs of Minecraft mythical creatures. They are all hostile. The werewolf attacks only at night. The monsters look pretty scary. This is really a wonderful addition if You like to fight with different mobs.

4 Fireworks [1.0.0] [Creative]

This map includes four examples of different structures of the fireworks. You can get inspired with this idea and build something similar (or even steeper) in their own worlds. It is time to celebrate the new (and old) year and perhaps this map will help You to do holidays in the world of Minecraft is much brighter.

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