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Mechanic Apocalypse 2 [1.1.0] [Adventure]

This map is a sequel to the "Mechanic Apocalypse". In the first part of You successfully destroyed the enemy unit, but now it's time for new battles. Now Your road lies to the headquarters. Only on You depends the future of the planet. Evil must be eliminated at the root, otherwise the infection will spread and become a global threat to all humanity.

Mechanics Apocalypse [1.1.0] [Adventure]

Waking up one day in the world of Minecraft, You will discover that intelligent machines are one step closer to world domination. So, You will be directed on a mission - to find and return the stolen robots, important scientific development. When You infiltrate into enemy territory, you will be in no better position, because, actually, things are much worse than anyone expected. Most scientists were killed, and only in Your hands the fate of humanity. Don't let the machines completely take over the world.

SkyFight [1.1.0] [PVE]

SkyFight is a very cool map where You have to overcome the onslaught of hostile mobs. Show what You can do in order to survive. Here the settings of the character class, as well as manage settings in the world. At the moment the map is fairly simple, but we hope that in a future update the Creator will delight us with many interesting things. Presents creation demonstrates another way to use command block.

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The Farlanders [1.0.0]

This addon replaces a few of the usual mobs of Minecraft on creatures, representatives of Farlander. Long ago their land, known as the Far Lands disappeared, and the aliens had to find a new place to live. In the end they made up our world, and here You will be able for the first time to meet with them. Presented Supplement is based on the popular fashion "The Farlanders". At the moment it introduced the new, unique mobs, but the developer will try to develop the idea and in the near future to make the resource a lot.

Redstone Mechanic [1.1.1]

Redstone Mechanic addon, which replaces some of the vanilla mob in Minecraft on the brand new Redstone-like creatures. Two of them are mechanical robots with amazing force. The third mob is actually a flying chair which can be used to drive. It acts like riding animal, just looks unusual, and to control in the hands of the need to keep the red dust. Here are as friendly robots, and hostile, so You should be careful.

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Slenderman [1.0.0]

Slender man - a faceless fictional character, who is often described as a Stalker who kidnaps children, and the like. This addon replaces the creeper on Kenderov. This creature is actually very scary, especially if You meet him in the middle of the night.

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Mythic Mobs [1.1.0]

This addon replaces the usual five mobs of Minecraft mythical creatures. They are all hostile. The werewolf attacks only at night. The monsters look pretty scary. This is really a wonderful addition if You like to fight with different mobs.

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Mutant Creeper [1.0.0]

This addon adds in the familiar world of Minecraft new mini-boss known as the Creeper-mutant. This is a much more powerful version of a creeper, a slightly different appearance from the usual. Presents creature walks on four paws and arching its long neck. Monster hostile to players. He can either blow up the victim, or to send upon her the crowd of angry young will caperet.

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