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SG Boom Blocks [1.7.0] [Survival]

SG Boom Blocks

Here are quite simple but very fun and interesting game. It can participate as one person, and many. With friends, of course, steeper. Starting the game, You will be on a certain platform, where it is constantly in random places will be a blockage, which after a time would explode. To understand when it's time to retreat, will show color blocks from yellow to red. After reaching a red color will be detonated. Your goal is as soon as possible to run and Dodge the explosions to demolish rivals and eventually be the last man standing on the platform.

Download fls3g-rbboom-blocks.mcworld [314,48 Kb] downloaded: 7 times
Download last version of SG Boom Blocks from the official website
Download SG Boom Blocks from MediaFire

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SG Cube Controllers [1.7.0] [PVP]

This mini-game is very similar to the Planetary patrol. Gather your friends and call in multiplayer mode. Your goal is to capture the blocks of your opponents. To do this, You have to fight, but to succeed we need to find good weapons and armor. Here there is a straight line passing through the arena, which leads it to the platform with the best outfit. Once You become its owner, You will not stand any one player. The line in the middle part leads to the shelters and the rapid move down a level. Throw all your opponents off the platform and remain the sole survivor.

Capture The Sheep [1.6.0] [Mini game]

This map presents a very interesting mini-game. May participate in no less than two players. The goal of each team is to snatch a sheep from opponents and by all means to drag or to lure it into the beam of your color to increase your score in Your group. To have an edge over the enemy, buy from a villager who still stands on the basis of improved items and weapons. Also, killing opponents, You will be able to get more resources. The game is quite fun and great for anyone who likes to make friends with all sorts of events.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition 1.2.9

Beta version 1.2.9 was released on 18 January 2018. And again the developers have pleased us with nothing new. All that will describe the bug fixes and changes to the code of conduct of the mobs. You no longer need to enable the option "Enable cheats" to get coordinates! You can now use the world's display coordinate, and adjust the spread of fire, detonation of dynamite, loot from mobs, falling tiles and natural regeneration without disabling achievements Xbox Live. Mojang also fixed a number of bugs that you reported to the office. website:

♦ Fixed crashes when signing in to Xbox Live on devices with Android
♦ fixed crash when moving items in the beacons, and from enchanting tables using the interface.
♦ the Creeper again fixed and will no longer explode when walking or after will lose players out of sight.
♦ For safe zones on the screen now settings are available in vertical and horizontal planes, which you can change individually on each platform.
♦ you Can sequentially place the units in mode stalk.
♦ Mobs will properly follow the players who are holding their favorite food,
♦ Skeletons-osushiteli will again appear in the fortresses of the Lower world.
♦ Passive mobs will again appear in new areas.

minecraft.v.1.2.9.apk - the official version (no license is required)
minecraft.v.1.2.9.mod_v1.apk - unlocked all paid skins and textures (does not require license)
minecraft.v.1.2.9.x86.apk - the version for intel processors (does not require license)

Spleef (Auto Reset) [1.0.5] [Mini game]

Spleef is a fun multiplayer mini-game in the universe of Minecraft. You will receive only one tool - a shovel, where you will have to dig the earth under the opponents feet so they fall down. Try to be the one who will be able to stay on the platform. Presented here is the first card splits that automatically recovers from the action of the command unit. It is very convenient as You can start new game without any difficulty.

1.12 Blocks Pack[16x16] [1.0.0]

This texture pack adds all new units that will enter in 1.12 version of Minecraft PC. It is not known when officially such materials will appear in the Pocket Edition, but if You can't wait to try out innovations, rather download and install all represented. Texture data does not replace any vanilla block. This means that You will be able to jump into the future and to use in their creations both new and old materials.

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