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GTA San Andreas [1.0.4] [Creative]

This map is an exact copy of the area of Idlewood in Los Santos, San Andreas. GTA San Andreas old but still pretty popular game. The presented work was created on the PC version of Minecraft a few years ago and was originally conceived as a Pvp arena for the rigors of survival. Since the map is ported and we have the opportunity to visit it from their handheld devices. I want to draw Your attention to the fact that it may be a bug with the shadow, which should be corrected with a Shader or have to drink potions of night vision. Use the addon "GTA Street Wars" to give atmosphere to the hectic city.

Apocalyptic City [1.1.0] [Survival]

Your survival begins in an apocalyptic city inhabited only by the walking dead. The card will delight anyone who is a fan of zombies or just looking for a cool themed buildings associated with horror and destruction. This creature is created not only for research. The developer recommends the use of apocalyptic town as a Pvp arena. Imagine an atmospheric battle in the dead areas. Perhaps such a map has already been ported to the pocket version of Minecraft, but what is the updated resource, which hardly compares with the old.

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