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GTA San Andreas [1.0.4] [Creative]

GTA San Andreas

This map is an exact copy of the area of Idlewood in Los Santos, San Andreas. GTA San Andreas old but still pretty popular game. The presented work was created on the PC version of Minecraft a few years ago and was originally conceived as a Pvp arena for the rigors of survival. Since the map is ported and we have the opportunity to visit it from their handheld devices. I want to draw Your attention to the fact that it may be a bug with the shadow, which should be corrected with a Shader or have to drink potions of night vision. Use the addon "GTA Street Wars" to give atmosphere to the hectic city.

Download sabymrmvbpe.mcworld [9,86 Mb] downloaded: 776 times
Download last version of GTA San Andreas from the official website

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Construction, fighting hostile mobs, and survival in General, is extremely difficult and dangerous in the night-time world of Minecraft. Even the brightness setting does not always help to detect all impending danger around the character. This addon will help You, as he introduces indispensable night vision goggles that you can use to browse the entire area at night or any other dark place, such as a mine or cave. Wear them in the slot for a helmet and get the perfect eyesight as owl. Points can also change color as they replace cap. 

Night Vision Glasses [1.5.3]

Building and fighting, or just surviving in General in this respect, can be extremely difficult and dangerous during the night. Even turning the brightness to max does not always help. This Supplement can help you with this, as it adds night vision goggles (or glasses) to the game, which you can use to see without any problems during the night. How does it work? Night vision goggles replaced by a leather helmet. This means that you can paint them any color you want, and to use it, you will have to add it in the slot for a helmet.

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GTA Street Wars [1.0.0]

This addon introduces to the world of Minecraft a few gangsters from the famous game GTA San Andreas. All the bandits to be hostile to each other and constantly engage in a battle among themselves. Also, for the robbers will be chased by the police. In General, the atmosphere here is tense to the limit. If You ever played GTA, then most likely You will like the presented Supplement.

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