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Half Heart [1.0.0] [Map]

Half Heart

Half Heart is a rather complex mini-game, which includes the expansion, curtail the health of the party to one of the two halves of the heart. Under these conditions, You will have to carefully plan Your jumps and steps, as You will be very vulnerable to falls and various injuries. One awkward moment can be fatal. This map contains only five short levels but really worth playing. Try your hand, get a lot of pleasure and share in the comments your successes.

Download half-heart.mcworld [164,14 Kb] downloaded: 1202 times
Download half-heart-addon.mcpack [1,69 Kb] downloaded: 427 times
Download last version of Half Heart from the official website

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Here is a very funny map with parkour. Moving platforms across the gap, You will come across the colored blocks, which impose a variety of effects. Some give the ability to jump high, teleport other, and some even killed. In some areas there are save points with them, the passage becomes a little easier. The map includes a lot of different levels, so You can expect long gameplay.

Half Heart Race [1.8.0] [Parkour]

Presents a map with parkour is based on the famous game "Half Heart Race" that was created for the PC version of Minecraft. The goal remains the same, You have to walk through forests, deserts, pass through the caves, to overcome the mountain and hellish locations, swim under water and all this with only one half of the heart. This means that any misstep will cost Your character a life, and You will have to go through the stage again. But don't worry, because a map provides various save points. At the moment, there are single mode and two-player mode. With the command /scoreboard is the ability to set a timer.

1 HP Heart [1.6.0] [Parkour]

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Half Heart Survival 2 [1.0.0] [Parkour]

The purpose of this map is to complete 10 levels of parkour, and die. There are no safe points, so most likely it will be extremely difficult. The developer has tried their best and did a really, really tough conditions for survival. The amount of CP is reduced to one half of the heart, and it means that only one wrong step you could die and have to start all over again.

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