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Ender Horse [1.2.0]

Ender Horse

It was a little horse-skeleton horse and zombie. Now invented and Ender horse! It will spawn in the normal game world, has 33 heart health and tamed as a simple horse. It is able to suddenly teleport to a random point. To drive it you need a saddle, and jump height it is capable of 5 blocks.

Download ender_horse_texture_by_ayrtown_v2_r.mcpack [8,25 Kb] downloaded: 241 times
Download ender_horse_behavior_by_ayrtown_v2_b.mcpack [6,98 Kb] downloaded: 176 times
Download ender-horse-texture-by-ayrtown.mcpack [11,4 Kb] downloaded: 96 times
Download ender-horse-behavior-by-ayrtown.mcpack [4,69 Kb] downloaded: 82 times
Download last version of Ender Horse from the official website

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