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Mob Fighting Cup [1.5.3]

Presents addon will make all mobs in the world Minecraft< / span> to fight with each other. The purpose of this Supplement is to contemplate how one group of creatures competing with the other in force. Such battles can be carried out in the arena or on the field. Just zaspanie two or more mobs and they immediately start to fight for life and death. Who, in your opinion, will be the winner? Donkey or Cadaver? You will be surprised! The developer recommends to install the creative game mode, otherwise all the mobs, even those that were previously friendly, such as a donkey will attack You in survival mode. Four skulls were replaced by trophies that you can reward the winner. So invite your friends to have a real war. The idea of the addon is taken from a mod called "Mob Battle Mod", which is intended for the PC version of Minecraft.

Reverb Outpost: Single Player [1.5.3] [Survival]

Presents the creation of a foreign youtuber BluJay *Censored*the bottom was created for shooting his first or second season. The map has a thematic nature, namely, is made based on the popular movie "Star Wars: the Empire strikes back". As soon as You arrive in this amazing place, You'll want something to explore. But what you can visit? You offer a lot of interesting buildings, such as the iron farm, zombie farm, a snow cave with the vault mine with many branches, snow farm, automatic farm sugar cane, nano farm with automatic *Censored*ion, a semi-automatic station for potions, a laser gun, a charming room where You will rest from a long walk across the expanses of the map. There are also mysterious places to explore, and they will be updated regularly. About new You can learn, BluJay watching video on his YouTube channel. Of course, in this world it is better to play in survival mode, because it has everything for the super fast development of your favorite game.

SG Pocket Expansion [1.5.3] [Survival]

Originally this map was created for the PC version of Minecraft, but now You have the opportunity to visit it on their portable devices, as, at the request of the author, this world is adapted for the Pocket Edition. Here You have very unusual conditions for survival where You must grow in the sky in an ever expanding surrounding area. Generation of the world will happen not as You used to. Around You in a random way will appear different blocks, and small floating Islands and mobs. Logs, planks, earth, ore and stone are more common than, say, glowing stone, concrete and wool. They appear most often at the height of 50. Sometimes spawn mobs and most often at a height of 51+. All this You will definitely help in agriculture. Also look for large Islands, as they may contain chests with useful things. This type of survival is the most difficult in Minecraft!

Thraxx Map [1.5.3] [Labirint]

Welcome to the map Thraxx. Here is a huge maze! I think its so easy to pass? As it is not so! To find the exit, You must find all three of the lighthouse, constantly fighting for their lives, for the monsters will trap You at every step, not allowing to move. As a prize for each made by the fifth level, You will receive one iron block, and you can then use to purchase new upgrades, bonuses, new sword, enchanted armor or to create a full set of iron armor. Improve Your speed, jumping, strength and resistance and then it will be easier to overcome obstacles on your way.

75 Ways To Die [1.5.3] [Mini game]

Death is one of the most unpleasant things in the world of Minecraft. If you constantly die in the game, You'll never succeed. However, on this map, quite the opposite, once You die, You get to a higher level. Each step is a small puzzle inside a square room where Your goal is to find a way to kill yourself to get access to the next test. The mini-game really funny and interesting for its unconventional approach.

SG Single Pixel Project [4x4] [1.5.3]

Single Pixel Project is a resurspak with textures, consisting of only one pixel. Just think! One pixel! What came out of it, You can watch right now! A large number of blocks and objects adapted to this crazy idea. Other elements expect in a future update. The developers who created the submitted resource, one of those who went beyond and created something incredibly simple for Minecraft Pocket< / span> Edition! Enjoy!

SG Town Traitors [1.5.3] [PVP]

Oh no! The city was destroyed! All this happened after a traitor killed the mayor. Now someone will have to catch the killer before he escaped. The detective must use all his skills to track down the killer before he reaches the exit at the other end of the village. The role of traitor is a constant search for any roundabout ways, so as not to catch the eye of the officer of the law. This map is recommended to participate at least two players. Before you begin, choose a traitor who will have a desire to kill the mayor, and then hide from the police in the hope that nobody will recognize him as the killer.

Chest++ [1.5.3]

Presented Supplement will turn ordinary stalkerov in wonderful chests. This is another great way to embellish the interior of Your home. This addon offers a great variety of chests for every taste and color. In order to get them.*Censored*is to create chalker, due to the spawn egg, and use dyes to change the appearance. All the boxes are opened and have 27 slots, as usual, for this click on them with the cursor, but without dye in his hands.

Sand Runner [1.5.3] [Map]

This mini-game will cause You to sweat. Here You are offered to be parkour, which was built on the grounds fairly well-known card "Gravity Runner". On the map, a total of 10 different levels. To succeed you have to be in constant motion, as if you are staying at least for one second, You immediately fall into the abyss and perish.  All the way and obstacles on the levels made of sand. As soon as You walk through the blocks, they will fall under Your feet, so you always have to keep running to complete the tests. If You lose, level will be automatically restored, and have the opportunity to try again and again.

AmplifiedInsanity [1.5.3] [Creative]

This is absolutely normal generated world, ported from the PC version of Minecraft. Developer there have been some improvements, such as changing some biomes where you can find peaceful mobs. This map recommended to play in survival mode without cheats, unless You wimp out. Next to the spawn - approximate coordinates 0,0 in the desert You will find a chest. Then look for the spawn eggs that you can use against mobs. Do not put them in the Ender chest until you are sure that You have spare. Lower the world has not changed, but it is better not to appear there, in order to avoid mistakes of the game, but You have the right to do whatever you want. Also replaced various types of stone (andesite, granite, diorite) on the glowing rocks, thick ice and quartz. And still there are oceans of lava.

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