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SG Town Traitors [1.5.3] [PVP]

SG Town Traitors

Oh no! The city was destroyed! All this happened after a traitor killed the mayor. Now someone will have to catch the killer before he escaped. The detective must use all his skills to track down the killer before he reaches the exit at the other end of the village. The role of traitor is a constant search for any roundabout ways, so as not to catch the eye of the officer of the law. This map is recommended to participate at least two players. Before you begin, choose a traitor who will have a desire to kill the mayor, and then hide from the police in the hope that nobody will recognize him as the killer.

Download fls3g-rbtown-traitors.mcworld [12,91 Mb] downloaded: 29 times
Download last version of SG Town Traitors from the official website

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