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100% Functional CAR [1.8.0] [Redstone]

On this map You will find 100-percent functioning Formula 1 car, made using command blocks and Redstone. Here not integrated any add-ons or modifications. In order to take the car to go, first You'll need the key. Taking it in hand, move closer to the car, hover the pointer on the seat and click "Go". Listed manipulation after You successfully log in your car and ready to go. Again, take the key in hand and the car starts to move forward. The car can moves only in four directions: North, South, West and East. Turn the car depending on where You look. You will also be able to operate the machine remotely. Find out more about the features of the command block with this card.

MCPE Circuit [1.0.4]

This map was created for those who are fond of the addon "Sports Car: Formula One". Here is a huge racing track that will not make bored. Take time to travel the whole way on the car. Along the route are spectator stands and lots of interesting interior details. Install the map in multiplayer mode and enjoy together with your friends your championship Grand Prix in Minecraft. Find out who deserves the Cup winner.

Sports Car: Formula One [1.1.0]

Sports Car: Formula One - the addon that introduces the game the car, which is a racing car. It's a sports car with incredible power needed to achieve great speed, to be able to compete in Formula 1 races. This resource features two cars of different colors. They are detailed and seem quite realistic. Organize your crazy race in the familiar world of Minecraft.

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