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Rocket Launcher [1.5.3]

Rocket Launcher - enters in the familiar world of Minecraft is quite powerful and deadly weapons, namely missile launcher. Using this device, You can cause tremendous harm to the environment of the world of Minecraft, so first of all a hundred times will be sure to play with a gun don't get too close with their expensive buildings, if you don't want them to accidentally destroy! Recipe of rocket launchers is the same as that of the bow. Also the gun You will need arrows that have become the real grenade launchers. The use of the installation is very similar to archery. That's just her shells cause an explosion in the average size and subsequent fires. In the future the developer plans to create even more cool weapons for our favorite game Minecraft.

All Gamerules (Tutorial) [1.1.0] [Creative]

This map presents different possibilities to customize game maps. For example, if You downloaded any mini-game in multiplayer mode and wish to set certain rules and configurations, All Gamerules (Tutorial) will help You with this. Here You'll learn how to set fall damage, fire damage, weather conditions and much more. This map is really good, as it gives a lot of useful information.

MC-PE 2020