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Plain and perekrestnoe gorge

Presented in side You will be on flat terrain. The most surprising thing here is that near the spawn points generate the gorge of unusual shape. We used to see a variety of long narrow ravines, and not very deep, but You will not have seen. Here crossed between two gorges. Who knows, maybe it was some mysterious symbol. Can this ravine is fraught with some mystery. Only You the strength to unravel it! Start your new adventure in this awesome side.

The Legend of Zelda: Dungeons of Doom [1.7.0] [Adventure]

Welcome to a brand new adventure created by the pocket version of Minecraft. This full-length play, adventure which may take about 15 hours! The first version of this map includes 10 large dungeons with the main quests, 4 small and one, which includes a mini-game. Also in the game there are other interesting areas for research. In the map of a fully developed storyline which will lead You to the final boss. If You like puzzles and adventure, then be sure to download presents creation and you will love it.

The Wandering Woods [1.8.0] [CTM]

Wandering the woods is hand-created terrain, which in total is as much as two billion unit. Here is an unusual trees, rocks, buildings, dungeons, and more. It was realized in the pocket version of Minecraft using the program "Open Terrain Generator" and the one where the author actually built. There are a lot of places to explore. Dungeons of all shapes and sizes keep the immortal wealth, but sometimes you can stumble on the trash. Also represented 94 view of the village houses, which are randomly located in this vast space. And here You'll find 38 a variety of custom buildings, 87 different species of trees (well it's a Botanical garden!), 13 well-designed dungeons, the tower, built on an interesting scheme a few extravagant mansions and 3049 (!) cool shit for new biomes! 

ESG Hide and Seek [1.8.0] [Hide and seek]

Who doesn't like hide and seek? They can be played anywhere - at home, on the street and even in games. In Minecraft a lot of space where you can hide, but if You are looking for the location specifically tailored to this fun, then presented a map for You. It supports multiplayer mode and this means that You can invite your friends to play together! While one considers faster looking for a place where you can hide and be invisible to prying eyes. Here is a great number of nooks and crannies and hidden areas, so whoever leads will have to carefully scour each block. The resource is designed for any platform of Minecraft Pocket Edition, for example, Xbox, iOS, Android, Windows 10, etc.

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Caves of Chaos [1.0.0] [Adventure]

You're a knight traveling through the world of Minecraft in search of new assignments and tests. Today You will visit the village, which was a trouble. The majority of citizens were kidnapped and we must find the culprit. Dungeon of Chaos is the main location, where there will be all sorts of events. It offers a variety of puzzles, mysteries. For completion of the mission will take about 10-20 minutes.

The highest mountain

In this side You can find the truly amazing high mountains, which are surrounded by a large ocean. There is no land that connects the mountains, and therefore place can be called a mountainous island. In certain parts of the sid You can find some of the lava flows and waterfalls, and explore the dozens of caves.

Batman: Arkham Knight Batcave [1.0.0] [Creative]

This map was created based on the popular video games "Batman: Arkham Knight Batcave". The developer believes that this is the best version of the Bat-cave, which only exists for the pocket version of Minecraft. The building really looks like a cave but with a large number of high-tech things, usually found in the headquarters of Batman. This map can please even those who have not played this video game.

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