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Elemental Friends [1.14.0]

Presented Supplement is based on the Ender Archer Friend Addon. It adds to our usual Minecraft world of unusual characters with whom you can make friends. They are elementals, and each one manages his element, like fire, ice, air. To one of these unique NPS was Your companion and protect You throughout the way, You have to give him what he loves. Fire the guy prefers coal. Ice girl loves snowflakes, and the air - cookies and sweet berries. Meet the elementals in the desert snow biomes and taiga. The addon also introduces the ice spider and the white parrot. Spider you can ride, tame it with snowballs. And the parrot to attack the enemies in the mini shells, so don't make him angry and give him more of the sweet berries.

SG Horror House [1.8.0] [PVP]

Playing "House of horrors", You'll have a great time with friends. Map created for the multiplayer mode, since one participant is nothing to do here, except just to explore the area. Each group of players will be assigned a role. You can become spiders to protect eggs or, on the contrary, to be the kidnappers. This game with elements of Pvp battles, so get ready for the hot battles. Hunters eggs should make every effort to try to slay the spiders and get the desired artifact to win. Arthropods need to repel the attacks of the troublemakers and not to allow closer to the nest.

The Drow [1.8.0] [Survival]

This map is at first glance a very quiet town with many inhabitants, with whom you need to trade. But on the other hand, this place is often overrun by spiders and dark elves. This city in which You appear in early, called the Davenport. It is great for those who wants a speedy development in survival mode. But the problem with monsters not staying, so You decide to stay or not. If you are experiencing difficulties in the fight against evil, call your friends in the multiplayer mode and battle with evil elves together. The author hopes that You will be delighted with the presented card and wishes Your character not to die too often.

Enchanted [1.1.0]

This addon turns mere survival into a living hell. Let's start with the fact that things started getting a lot of spiders. And now they are just huge, not to mention the fact that their power and ability has also changed. The texture of the blocks, some physical properties, it has also undergone a change. Floating skeletons, the creeper, which protect the player and attack the undead – indeed, this Supplement just a storehouse of unexpected moments. It embodies the most incredible solutions, which you can explore only in the game. Good luck in this strange and terrible universe!

Smaller Spiders [1.0.0]

This addon reduces all spiders (normal and cave) to realistic sizes. But now they are more difficult to kill, so how to get them will be not so easy. Spiders will not lose its power and will attack players at night time. However, they will be afraid of water, so You should stock up on full buckets.

Soaring Spawner spiders

This is one of those rare and very strange seed, which sometimes come to the site. Near the spawn point You will be able to find two soaring Spawner spiders that are next to each other in the clay biome. They literally fly in the air above the ground. He who has found such a phenomenon, never seen anything like it. This is quite an interesting led!

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