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SimpleTextures [16x16] [1.8.0]

Before You well, very simple textures, but they look pretty funny and is completely designed in a cartoon style. Here are used bright colors saturated colors, but at the same time pleasing to the eye. Textures themselves don't include anything extra. Presents all perfect for any cards with amusement parks, as it adds more to the atmosphere of joy and fun.

Edited by: InnaMononoke - 23-12-2018, 20:32

AkemiTexture BETA [16x16] [1.8.0]

AkemiTexture is a package of textures with a resolution of 16×16. It is made in a cartoon style and for any cheer up someone who will use it. All the textures are very nice and well-detailed down to the small details that really add brightness and freshness in the familiar world of Minecraft. Here are the beta resurspaka, so some blocks, items and resources still have no textures and not quite appropriate for the style.

Edited by: InnaMononoke - 27-12-2018, 23:03

MCMojang [128x128] [1.1.0]

RobotPantaloons inspired a new website design so I decided to recreate the texture presented on the background of the popular portal. Panache turned out clean and simple, and also has a cartoon style. Building blocks look very good, they would make a great design that will please the eye with their bright colors. The idea of this resurspaka mostly taken from the original texture pack. Originally "MCMojang" was created for the PC version of Minecraft, but now You have the opportunity to try it out on their handheld devices. Presented texture pack is in no way affiliated with Mojang AB / Minecraft.

3t3 [16x16] [1.1.0]

Very simple and clean texture pack that changes almost every block, every mob and item. Perhaps the most successful here was the image of the sun. Great lines and a harmonious combination of colors in this package will delight those who love simplicity and elegance. 

DynamicDuo PVP [32x32] [1.1.0]

DynamicDuo is a wonderful texture pack that makes the graphical user interface is more clean, neat and sophisticated. Many of the blocks surrounding plants were also changed, thanks to what began to look much nicer and less pixelated.
Various kinds of ores, in turn, received new textures and colors, and now they are much easier to notice while You patiently dig the mine.

CutieCraft [16x16] [1.1.0]

CutieCraft is a texture pack with soft and bright colors. The resource is designed in a cartoon style and creates in the familiar world of Minecraft a fun atmosphere. The texture is quite simple, but the effect of the smoothness gives it incredible clarity. Resource is perfect for weak handheld devices.

Dragon Dance [64x64] [1.1.0]

Dragon Dance cartoon texture pack, which uses an amazing color palette. Beautifully designed panache combined with clear and bright colors creates a unique living atmosphere. Presented resurspak was originally developed for the PC version of Minecraft, and now You have the opportunity to use it on handheld devices. If You are tired of boring textures and you want something eye pleasing, then be sure to download and install presents creation. You will not regret it.

SimplySharp [64x64] [1.1.0]

SimplySharp is funny, cartoonish and fairly simple textures. This resurspak significantly improves the usual panache in the world of Minecraft. Textures created for those looking for something unique and fun. All will look good on different types of buildings and different terrain, such as in the medieval or modern worlds.

SimpleJCraft [16x16] [1.0.6]

This all combines simplified textures with a cartoon art style that gives quite a fresh look. If You're a long-time regular textures Minecraft, then most likely, you will feel an exorbitant difference, which is not immediately used. In short, all is brighter and clearer version of the textures by default.

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