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› Minecraft: Pocket Edition 1.5.0

Minecraft: Pocket Edition 1.5.0

Minecraft: Pocket Edition 1.5.0

The next update, which touched upon fix bugs and minor fixes in the code. Also added a new element: the conductor. This block can be activated under water using special design. The guide gives all players infinite water breathing and underwater vision, but it is necessary to get out of the water and all the effects disappear. This is still a beta version of the upcoming water updates and possible bugs and crashes

Download minecraft_1.5.0.1.crk.apk [67,94 Mb] downloaded: 73264 times
Download minecraft_1.5.0.1.crk.mod_v1.apk [67,94 Mb] downloaded: 13412 times
Download minecraft_1.5.0.1.x86.crk.apk [69,75 Mb] downloaded: 6526 times
Download minecraft_1.5.0.7.crk.apk [72,31 Mb] downloaded: 7483 times
Download minecraft_1.5.0.7.crk.mod_v1.apk [72,31 Mb] downloaded: 4004 times
Download minecraft_1.5.0.7.x86.crk.apk [74,12 Mb] downloaded: 26898 times
Download minecraft_1.5.3.0.crk.apk [72,82 Mb] downloaded: 3853 times
Download minecraft_1.5.3.0.crk.mod_v1.apk [72,82 Mb] downloaded: 2848 times
Download minecraft_1.5.3.0x86.crk.apk [74,63 Mb] downloaded: 5613 times
Download last version of Minecraft: Pocket Edition 1.5.0 from the official website

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A huge ice mountain, the top of which barely rises above the water and a huge main part is hidden below the water are icebergs, ice mountains.They can not be called biomes in the full sense of the word. But they are a really interesting phenomenon that is worth considering in more detail. This addition Caspionet You on a small island, which is located in close proximity to the cold ocean. There are floating icebergs – there are 4 types. you Can fly and swim, learning a new kind of natural formation. It's worth it!

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Presented in side You will find yourself near the ocean, if you start the dive at depth, it is likely to run into a huge coral reef. Don't forget to drink the potion of night visibility, so You were able to see all the beauty of the ocean floor. Now you do not need to waste time on long search for reefs, you just write down the sid number in the settings of creating a world Micarta and enjoy the wonders of nature of our beloved game.

Dolphinsv.5.2 [1.2.5]

Who is not aware, Dolphin is a new mob, which promise to add in the next update Aquatic Update, which will be released in the spring of 2018. Remember that this Supplement is simply a concept based on very few details! "The official Dolphin", that is the one that will be attached to Aquatic Update is likely to have many other functions than those which are shown in this addon. For example, it helps players to find treasures under water. They are naturally friendly to the players. You can tame dolphins by feeding them raw fish or raw salmon. Tamed dolphins will follow you as long as you're in the water. 

Thimble [1.2.5] [Mini game]

"Thimble" is a really fun multiplayer mini-game where players take turns jumping from high buildings and trying to safely fall into the water, while placing the block. Over time the pool will become increasingly smaller, and the players end up accidentally fall on the blocks and will die. This is a really interesting mini-game and something like a dropper. The game will continue until, until all players but one drops on the block and not die. Make sure you break the blocks before the start of a new game.

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Maybe it's not the most elegant means of transportation on water, but certainly more interesting than an ordinary boat. Watercraft – that's what pleased us this time. Will crafteda he's like the iron Golem – only now you will get the transport, not the monster. Put a head-a pumpkin, jump into the saddle and forward to the waves. The technique is better to build near the pond, then it will be easier to push it into the water. Control will be key – it's the same carrot on a stick.

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