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Explosive Pigs [1.0.0]

Explosive Pigs

This addon makes pigs of explosive, namely similar to creeper. Sensing prey, the pig will approach and, upon reaching the player will explode. It will definitely add to the difficulties in the passing game. You can also take a moment to make fun of friends. No one will suspect!

Download pigs-exploding.mcpack [3,68 Kb] downloaded: 56 times
Download last version of Explosive Pigs from the official website

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In real life we fear the uprising of machines and very much worry because of the uprising command blocks! Presents addon brings into play terrible mechanical monster and its minions. The boss replaces the familiar creeper and looks like a animated command block with head, hands and wheels. The monster is extremely tough, and his attacks are very powerful. He also has the ability to teleport and call his assistants. Before you engage in battle with the command boss, make sure that You are well-armed and protected by strong armor. Addition a unique weapon that might slay the monster without much effort. It gives the player special powers, such as incredible strength, speed, high jumping, protection and fire resistance. And the addon adds to the game a lot of mechanical mobs, consisting mainly of the command block. If You think that survival will be easier without the creeper, do not hurry to rejoice, the world will see the pigs kamikaze, each of which is tied to the back of TNT, and they will meet more often than the creeper.

Lucky Chests [1.5.3]

This Supplement is useful for the development of in survival mode. It completely replaces the pigs in chests that will randomly spawn in Your world, so You won't be able to eat pork or ride the pig. But don't worry because the addon adds a very interesting function. Are chests will work differently than usual. Opening them, they are removed and falls to the ground any random object such as pumpkins, boards, bricks, arrows, bows, iron ingots, books, tridents. If You want to simplify your life in the challenging world of Minecraft, then download this resource and you will not regret!

Black TNT Run: Maze [1.0.0] [Mini game]

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