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Mine-Cars [1.0.0]


Mine-Cars - addon that replaces the five mobs in the game on the new cars. These vehicles are quite fast and are designed for easy movement through the world of Minecraft. They are very good, as no fuel is required. We can say that this is the car of the future.

Download mine-cars-4-resource.mcpack [251,12 Kb] downloaded: 310 times
Download mine-cars-4-behavior.mcpack [245,85 Kb] downloaded: 251 times
Download last version of Mine-Cars from the official website

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Miss new cars? Presented Supplement introduces our favorite game unusual VW Jetta released in 2016. Perhaps the design of the car not the coolest, but he is smartly fits into the cubic world of Minecraft. This vehicle is not fast, but it will be much easier to manage on city roads. Find the car will be in the vast swamp biome as it replaces the witch. You can also create a car, using a spawn egg. To control the vehicle, grab the key and start driving.

Vanilla Vehicles [1.2.5]

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Minecar: This car is the fastest ground vehicle. You can customize its look with stickers. Use boilers to color stickers.

Minemarine: This car is designed for underwater driving. It can very long stay under water and actually is the perfect vehicle for your travels in the ocean. Driving works like a car.

Mineplane: It's not the fastest or the most technically advanced aircraft and it can fly.

Miniminecar: This is a miniature version of a Minecar. It is much smaller and slower, but it has one advantage - he can jump!

Minebus: this car can accommodate up to five players. Travel with your friends and let everybody ride together in one vehicle. 

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