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Lucky Block [1.1.1]

Lucky Block

Lucky Block adds an exciting element to the game. It is very similar to conventional unit, but in fact it's a creature that you can attack. After killing him, there will be something interesting. If you're lucky, You'll get a lot of valuable things, but in parallel - perhaps the appearance of a terrible boss.

Download luckyblock-v2-0-0.mcaddon [1,8 Mb] downloaded: 7363 times
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Lucky Block [1.8.0]

Presented Supplement brings into play the Lucky block, which actually will be the mob, although it could not tell. Who doesn't love surprises? Every time you break the Lucky block, will be completely random things. In this her little box can be anything, such as a large amount of diamonds. But Lucky the unit will cease to be happy when he will appear hostile monsters and begin to attack You. In General, it all depends on Your luck. With this addition to the game in survival mode will definitely not be boring! Most you to zaspaunit ' Lucky block you can use eggs or command "/summon".

Unpredictable Lucky Blocks [1.2.5]

This addon replaces one of the mobs in the game lucky block that has more than 100 options of drop. Every time you destroy a block, something random (and usually dangerous). For example, you may Receive Wieser boss or dozens of zombie pigs. But fortunately, there are also good drops such as enchanted sword, armor, potions. Default lucky block replaces the pigs, which means that it will appear in place of their spawn, so you will not be difficult to find the lucky blocks

Lucky Block Challenge [1.1.0] [PVP]

Invite your friends and participate in an epic battle. Each player will get a few lucky blocks. Opening them, you can extract resources to exchange for items and weapons that help you survive in the Pvp arena. If for some reason You do not get the Lucky blocks, then enter this command: /give @a spawn_egg 30 12. Here there are only two arenas to choose from.

Hardcore Lucky Block [1.0.0]

This addon displays a lucky block to the next level. Chances are You'll experience mixed feelings, finding one of these boxes. Breaking blocks with a surprise, often You will have to pursue failure, and something very unpleasant from the explosions to the appearance of monsters. And in very rare cases You may be lucky. Then You will get the incredible reward that may not even dreamed of. Perhaps lucky block so reimburses all the damage.

Lucky Block Race II [1.0.0] [Mini game]

Lucky Block Race - a fun game where you can compete with other players on speed and luck. Here are the brand new race track with blocks-surprises. Run on the road, opening mysterious boxes. If You're lucky - will get something of value, for example, an iron sword, and if not, you risk to start the race first. It is, indeed, a very intriguing game, because no one knows what lies ahead!

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