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Armor Stand [1.0.0]

Armor Stand

Armor Stand is a structure on which to hang various game armor and admire her. This subject has a normal version of Minecraft. Stand useful, since it could be fully considered a set of armor. Presents addon replaces the four mobs in Minecraft Pocket Edition on stands with armor. None of them can be used, but they still look cool and suitable as jewelry.

Download armorstand-behavior.mcpack [8,43 Kb] downloaded: 430 times
Download armorstand-texture-2.mcpack [67,73 Kb] downloaded: 275 times
Download last version of Armor Stand from the official website

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This script will turn the armor into a watch. It displays time, which is installed on your device. The text is displayed over the bar armor. The script does not interfere with other entities, in addition to armor stand. Creator: momiyama, a Twitter account, How does it work? Place the stand for the armor on the ground, and the current time will be displayed as floating text above the stand for armor. This is really useful if you want a quick and easy way to keep track of current time in the game. Installation Important note: this script requires (currently only available for Windows 10). Android users can use BlockLauncher (third party app) to unlock this feature. Download Conduct .McPack to Apply for the world Turn on the "Experimental gameplay" in the world settings to Create the world

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