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Bike [1.7.0]


Presented Supplement brings into play a fully functioning BMX bike. On this two-wheeled transport can not only jump and spin in different directions, but without any problem to travel through this vast world of our favorite games. It is a pity that this bike is missing the realistic animation of the steering and the wheels, then managed to recreate all sorts of proprietary tricks. But there are ten different colors to suit all tastes. The model BMX looks like in reality. Transport even have round wheels, but in the style of Minecraft.

Download red-bike-add-on.mcaddon [531,34 Kb] downloaded: 617 times
Download blue-bike-add-on.mcaddon [530,28 Kb] downloaded: 246 times
Download green-bike-add-on.mcaddon [534,28 Kb] downloaded: 166 times
Download yellow-bike-add-on.mcaddon [534,46 Kb] downloaded: 134 times
Download lime-bike-add-on.mcaddon [525,85 Kb] downloaded: 139 times
Download white-bike-add-on.mcaddon [530,21 Kb] downloaded: 144 times
Download cyan-bike-add-on.mcaddon [535,22 Kb] downloaded: 117 times
Download orange-bike-add-on.mcaddon [535,39 Kb] downloaded: 124 times
Download purple-bike-add-on.mcaddon [533,24 Kb] downloaded: 134 times
Download black-bike-add-on.mcaddon [548,91 Kb] downloaded: 224 times
Download last version of Bike from the official website

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Quad Bike (All Terrain Vehicle) [1.8.0]

Was a spider – was a Quad bike! This Supplement replaces the conventional spider to such a useful thing as off-road four-wheeled bike. Spirited machine can fit between trees in the forest, climbed on the snowy hills of winter biomes – this cart any road in the teeth. It is worth noting specially selected sounds are pretty realistic. Find quadrics can where to spawn spiders in the caves where it's dark. Or use the egg spawn. Sit down and start moving!

Unicycle [1.7.0]

Want to feel like a circus performer, rather then download the submitted resource. Enter a unique vehicle called a unicycle. If You are interested in circus, you probably met him in real life, and can be seen on TV or in pictures and video. Also, the unicycle is presented in popular game "Happy Wheels". This addon was created for fun. For example, in multiplayer mode you can race with your friends. The bike itself may be painted, as it replaces the sheep. This vehicle is very comfortable to drive, it doesn't fall off, and it can even jump.

Alex’s Hover Bikes [1.2.0]

This vehicle is like it is in Minecraft from the world of movies about alien civilization. Stylish futuristic bike will carry its owner through the mountains and plains with great speed, but he doesn't receive damage from falling from any height. For such transport to explore the miles of surrounding land. The addon replaces the horses, so find a bike on the plains where the spawn horses. All as I used to, take a seat, take the armor and let's go. 

Water Bike [1.1.1]

Maybe it's not the most elegant means of transportation on water, but certainly more interesting than an ordinary boat. Watercraft – that's what pleased us this time. Will crafteda he's like the iron Golem – only now you will get the transport, not the monster. Put a head-a pumpkin, jump into the saddle and forward to the waves. The technique is better to build near the pond, then it will be easier to push it into the water. Control will be key – it's the same carrot on a stick.

Tron Bike [1.1.0]

Futuristic design, glow in dark body lines, incredible speed, fascinating features – all this awaits us in the new addon that adds a Superbike from the movie "Tron". And how does it work? In fact, in super has been turned into spiders, so this miracle can be found just walking around the world. Or to produce a desired light moped throw the eggs of the spider's appeal, which now looks like a small disc of alien design. fishing Rod with a carrot turns into a key and went!

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