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Alligator [1.9.0]


Presented Supplement brings into play most of these alligators, which are radically different from the crocodiles and caimans, so they should not be confused. These powerful reptiles are hostile to players and will try at every opportunity to grab You with its toothy maw. As in reality, alligators on land move slowly and clumsily, and in the water, on the contrary very quickly and skillfully. It is better to refuse from swimming in the pond, if you find yourself in the neighborhood on these evil predators, as they attack almost anything that moves. To distinguish an alligator from a striker, to help the jaws of the animal. When the reptile preys on someone, it opens its jaws and rushes forward. The habitat of sharp-toothed predators serve marshy places. Diversify the usual animal world of Minecraft with this wonderful addon.

Download behavior.mcpack [4,7 Kb] downloaded: 1032 times
Download resources.mcpack [427,03 Kb] downloaded: 1147 times
Download last version of Alligator from the official website
Download Alligator from MediaFire

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