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Shopping Cart [1.7.0]

Shopping Cart

This addon introduces our favorite game of shopping carts from the popular game Fortnight. They are not only spacious but also are a great vehicle. Yes, You will be able to ride on them. We can say that this truck of the future, as the man perfectly fits even in a crowded basket. Now You will be easier to shop in hypermarkets, driving through the ranks on your lattice transport. Still are the truck will be useful in the adventure through the vast world of Minecraft as additional slots for storage of resources and objects are never superfluous.

Download shopping-cart-addon-red-blue.mcaddon [1,16 Mb] downloaded: 217 times
Download shopping-cart-addon-silver-white.mcaddon [1,17 Mb] downloaded: 141 times
Download shopping-cart-addon-yellow-lime.mcaddon [1,16 Mb] downloaded: 84 times
Download shopping-cart-addon-orange-green.mcaddon [1,16 Mb] downloaded: 95 times
Download shopping-cart-addon-light-blue-purple.mcaddon [1,16 Mb] downloaded: 111 times
Download shopping-cart-addon-all-colors.mcaddon [5,57 Mb] downloaded: 216 times
Download last version of Shopping Cart from the official website

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