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Aaron’s Long Sword Pack [1.8.0]

Aaron’s Long Sword Pack

An unusual Sword is extremely heavy weapons, which nobody in forces to lift or to use. Only a man of great honor and of Royal blood able to take a unique sword. And then one day, for the first time in history there is a boy who managed to get a powerful weapon. His name was Aaron, so the sword was named in his honor "a Long sword of Aaron". Presented this Supplement introduces a magical weapon that not only deals massive damage, but also gives all sorts of effects, making the player almost invincible. You're quick as the wind, will begin to jump high, gain vision like birds of prey and much more. Download this addon and become a great hero of the world of Minecraft. Attention, if any effect, just restart the game.

Download aarons-long-sword-resource-and-behavior.mcaddon [129,97 Kb] downloaded: 514 times
Download last version of Aaron’s Long Sword Pack from the official website
Download Aaron’s Long Sword Pack from MediaFire

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