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› Batty and the Killing Machine (Chapter 1)

Batty and the Killing Machine (Chapter 1) [1.2.5] [Map]

Batty and the Killing Machine (Chapter 1)

Batty and Killing Machine is a custom map based on the popular game called Bendy and Ink Machine. This map is the first Chapter, and if all goes according to plan, in total is five. On this map you play as Steve, who 30 years ago worked as a cartoonist in the Studio Jeffrey. Today he invited you to the garden, but when you get there, you'll notice that it's deserted, and there's ink everywhere. Your goal is to activate the machine, and then safely reach the exit and not die. Don't forget to include all!

Download batkm-chapter-1.mcworld [6,62 Mb] downloaded: 299 times
Download last version of Batty and the Killing Machine (Chapter 1) from the official website

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