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› 12 Useful Farms in Survival Mode

12 Useful Farms in Survival Mode [1.1.0] [Redstone]

12 Useful Farms in Survival Mode

All presented mechanisms can be reproduced by You in survival mode. Of course, this would require a lot of effort, as it is necessary to obtain the required units and subjects. This map demonstrated two semi-automatic farms, as well as those that are fully automated and require no intervention from the player. Erecting such designs, You will definitely simplify your life in the world of Minecraft.

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Throwing TNT & Dynamite [1.7.0]

This addition introduces in the familiar world of Minecraft new explosives and new resident trading these all forbidden goods. In fact it is a very useful addon, if You need to quickly adjust the landscape to clear it from the excess of hills, buildings or trees. Each dynamite has its explosive power from the smallest and weak to crushing. Also some of the explosives are activated only after igniting, others immediately from any touch. To new TNT will be able from the inventory in creative mode or from a resident whose name is Weapon Smith for a fee.

Reverb Outpost: Single Player [1.5.3] [Survival]

Presents the creation of a foreign youtuber BluJay *Censored*the bottom was created for shooting his first or second season. The map has a thematic nature, namely, is made based on the popular movie "Star Wars: the Empire strikes back". As soon as You arrive in this amazing place, You'll want something to explore. But what you can visit? You offer a lot of interesting buildings, such as the iron farm, zombie farm, a snow cave with the vault mine with many branches, snow farm, automatic farm sugar cane, nano farm with automatic *Censored*ion, a semi-automatic station for potions, a laser gun, a charming room where You will rest from a long walk across the expanses of the map. There are also mysterious places to explore, and they will be updated regularly. About new You can learn, BluJay watching video on his YouTube channel. Of course, in this world it is better to play in survival mode, because it has everything for the super fast development of your favorite game.

Cake Mode [1.0.0]

Cake Mode is intended to facilitate the survival mode in the Minecraft world. If You are going to use this Supplement, it is recommended to adjust the difficulty level on easy. From that hostile mobs will become weaker and the chance to kill far more of them. Also the addon will not allow the creeper to explode, and the enderman and angry that You looked at him. The wolf will gain stamina and will be better able to protect You.

Caiobrz Survival World [1.0.0] [Creative]

Here are quite a useful map to begin your new adventure of survival in the game. There is a main building that can be used as a residential home. A little further you will see a small village. It includes everything from rugged mountain terrain to very beautiful churches.

Survival island

In this side You appear into the most suitable for the survival island that you may encounter in the world of Minecraft. Shape and natural resources on the island make it ideal. In the center hanging on the hill you can find a large number of trees. Also it is home to cows, pigs and other animals who love to eat grass.

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