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Throwing TNT & Dynamite [1.7.0]

Throwing TNT & Dynamite

This addition introduces in the familiar world of Minecraft new explosives and new resident trading these all forbidden goods. In fact it is a very useful addon, if You need to quickly adjust the landscape to clear it from the excess of hills, buildings or trees. Each dynamite has its explosive power from the smallest and weak to crushing. Also some of the explosives are activated only after igniting, others immediately from any touch. To new TNT will be able from the inventory in creative mode or from a resident whose name is Weapon Smith for a fee.

Download explosiveprojectiles-v2.mcaddon [150,36 Kb] downloaded: 227 times
Download last version of Throwing TNT & Dynamite from the official website
Download Throwing TNT & Dynamite from MediaFire

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