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House of Horrors [1.0.0] [Horror]

House of Horrors

House of horrors was created by a team of Mojang and released during Halloween. Ghosts, vampires, weeping angels - one of those creatures that live in presents a hellish castle. The worst, according to the developers, that it's easy to stumble into the hidden pitfalls and haunted eerie noises coming from nowhere. This card has no storyline, but You can self-collect will in a fist, start exploring the castle. Together with the resource attached the addon to give the haunted house a special atmosphere.

Download house-of-horrors.mcworld [15,51 Mb] downloaded: 397 times
Download house_of_horrors_behavior_pack.mcpack [33,08 Kb] downloaded: 152 times
Download house_of_horrors_resource_pack.mcpack [60,5 Kb] downloaded: 155 times
Download last version of House of Horrors from the official website

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