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SG BedWars XMas [1.8.0] [PVP]

SG BedWars XMas

Before You fully automated mini-game "Bed Wars", in which can engage a large number of players. Here are one big arena called "Snow island." It includes a small store where You can exchange your gathered resources into other useful things. Difficulties should not be, because the user interface is very easy to use. Call your friends and start fighting with each other. Use a stone shovel, which is given to each participant at the beginning of the game is to knock down the bed of the enemy and deprive them of their spawn point. Don't forget to put on the armor of his color to see what You group, because you can accidentally hit his ally.

Download fls3g-rcbedawars-bv3.mcworld [5,6 Mb] downloaded: 470 times
Download last version of SG BedWars XMas from the official website
Download SG BedWars XMas from MediaFire

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How to play?
Immediately after entering the game, we get more instructions. Map Pitsea, so the game should be at least two players. Once all players have joined the world, are divided into two teams – red versus blue, blue versus red, and begin to play.
On Your base are interesting and useful things. For example, there are "bars fountains" that will continuously produce ingots.
These ingots can be sold in the store, instead of having blocks and items. The sale also features items and blocks that can be obtained in exchange for gold bullion. However, these gold bars can only be obtained at the Central island.
the Main purpose of cards is to defend the sacred egg of Your team. But we can't just stay in the camp near the eggs and guard it. Because for your own victory You need to destroy the egg of another team.
Important: this map is for beta.

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