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MagicCraft Skyblock 1 [1.8.0] [Survival]

MagicCraft Skyblock 1

This map displays the normal survival with floating Islands to a new level. This creation is created for multiplayer mode so You can play together with friends. The map includes many interesting automated functions that will help You with survival in the harsh conditions. Break into groups, make deals among themselves and build his heavenly Empire.

Download magiccraft-skyblock-fixed.mcworld [8,61 Mb] downloaded: 263 times
Download last version of MagicCraft Skyblock 1 from the official website
Download MagicCraft Skyblock 1 from MediaFire

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Hard SkyBlock Survival [1.8.0] [Survival]

And again You offer to take the map in survival mode with a very inhuman conditions for development. You will appear on a huge piece of dirt the size of 10х10х10 with minimal resources. In fact, it's great that there is even a Pets, although the risk of losing them at the very beginning of the game, because they can simply fall down or die in any other way. In General You need to be extremely careful. Start looking for all sorts of things that will help You in development. Build farms for fast extraction of stone and other resources. It will help all of Your knowledge about Minecraft.

Mega Skyblock [1.0.5] [Survival]

Mega Skyblock is a little different from the usual cards "Skyblock" that includes fourteen different Islands to explore in order to complete the game. Every floating piece of land symbolizes any biome or dimension. Here You will find everything necessary for successful development in this limited world too.

Trading Skyblock [1.0.4] [Survival]

Here are the improved version of the usual maps survival "Skyblock". There is an addon which introduces the game some surprises. For example, You will be able to get to a store where you can buy and sell a variety of resources, extracted on the floating Islands. If You find a way to survive and good enough to develop, feel free to go to the Edge and defeat the Ender Dragon.

New Skyblock [1.0.0] [Survival]

New Skyblock is an incredibly difficult map for survival, the aim of which is to ensure that the player is able to survive in the harsh conditions of the brand at least a few days, but preferably longer. You are allowed to use only those resources you find in chests and on the ground, and arbitrary trees. Of course, You will have to overcome an acute shortage of the things, tools and everything else, so You have to think of everything, showing its unique ability to survive in any conditions. There is nothing that may not be useful. Accept this difficult challenge and share your successes with us in the comments.

A big floating island

Here is a huge floating island. On screen you can see how great he is and how high was formed in the air. Most likely, such a place can serve as a great refuge, if You like to play in survival mode. Hostile mobs will be hard to get there. The only monster that should be feared, it is the skeleton. Build your own castle!

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