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Doctor Who Tardis [1.8.0] [Creative]

Doctor Who Tardis

Here are one of the most advanced creations based on the popular movie "Doctor Who". As You might guess is the TARDIS.  It is a time machine and even spacecraft, through which you can visit different planets existing in the Universe "Doctor Who" and other interesting places. On this map the TARDIS is fully functional, You can pull about 17 of the control levers, each of which have their own functionality. Before you explore the uncharted reaches of the Universe, it is recommended to spend some time in the TARDIS. You will be able to visit Skaro, Gallifrey and the other planets. Every location has its own attractions and dangers. Using the resource, in our familiar world of Minecraft will be ten new mobs such as the Daleks and the time Lords! They defend their bases and keep some secrets that You should learn.

Download doctor-who-tardis-map7.mcworld [84,7 Mb] downloaded: 747 times
Download last version of Doctor Who Tardis from the official website

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