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Motorcycle [1.8.0]


Presents addition implements a completely new kind of vehicle in our favorite game - motorcycle. It can sit a driver and one passenger, which is a very useful feature. Find the bike will be in different places of the vast world of Minecraft, it also can be created using the spawn eggs. This vehicle will be a great help in your adventures in the far distance. And if in survival mode You and Your friend will stay with one bike far from home, You will not have to leave a friend in trouble and go alone. In order for Your vehicle moved, its need to constantly refuel, that is, we should always keep in inventory the coal reserves.

Download motorcycle-v1resource.mcpack [8,19 Kb] downloaded: 945 times
Download motorcycle-v1behavior.mcpack [2,83 Kb] downloaded: 536 times
Download last version of Motorcycle from the official website
Download Motorcycle from MediaFire

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