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SS Legacy Prisons [1.7.0] [PVP]

SS Legacy Prisons is a delightful card that you can place it on any server. Here are a wonderful structure with lots of different areas. Everything is so vivid and detailed that I want to explore that building deeper and deeper. To develop, You will have to gather resources and sell them on the marketplace. To start collect watermelons or pumpkins and trade them in for money. Richer, You will have the chance to visit new locations. Resources you can gain a lot, but try to buy a special pickaxe from the store.

Ark Survival Factions Realm/Server [1.8.0] [PVP]

Maybe some of you played in "ARK: Survival Evolved" or have some ideas about this game. With this card You will be able to plunge into the world full of dinosaurs. You will have to survive in these conditions and create its own database. Invite your friends and play in multiplayer mode, because, of course, more fun. Better yet, create a new server and compete with other participants. Destroy the enemies, organize the best Guild and try to defend it! Tame dinosaurs to aid in battle. Also there is a custom shop, located in the village.

SS Olympian Factions Realm [1.5.3] [Creative]

This map Factions, who works in the Realms, or on a local/multiplayer servers. The map is very similar to the Factions server (if you played one on Bedrock or Java version). What is the feature? There is a special currency that you can use to buy or sell things in the stores. You can also create your own database. Just be careful, because there are other factions that can harm you and attack you! Basic commands: /Home /Spawn /wild

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