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Portal Gun [1.7.0]

For many years, the team worked to try to enter in our ordinary world of Minecraft device to create portals. However, manufacturers are faced with the problem of lags. After many years of deliberation, finally found the way to implement and improve the portal device through command blocks. First, You'll need to move the gun and buttons blue and orange portal in Your inventory. The first time you use the portal will not appear. But after You take any key in his hand, the portal device works, and You will be able to use it as intended. Watch carefully that in the world there were a lot of portals, otherwise it will not work. To do this, make sure to DOMOBSPAWN set to false/off. Currently, the portals replace sheep and pigs. However, when the opportunity arises to create something new, not replacing mobs, developer all be undone as necessary, without sacrificing anyone from the world of Minecraft. The video below clearly illustrates how to configure everything, carefully reading. Download and install all the files that you submitted!

Outlast: The Chase [1.7.0] [Horror]

This map is based on the popular computer game of the same name, whose author is RedBarrels. Here is a spooky experiment for which no one is destined to survive. You Wake up inside the cell, along with other victims, victims of the horrors going on in this hellish place. During gameplay You will encounter many different difficulties, and frightening monsters that try to kill You. You will not be able to fight them off, so nothing to do but to run and hide. The story has several possible endings. If You're a fan of Outlast, download the map and plunge into the world of thrills.

Hello Neighbor In Minecraft [1.7.0] [Horror]

"Hey, neighbor," is a popular computer game in the horror genre, developed by tinyBuild. The main goal is to try to penetrate Your neighbor's house and search him. On this map the author has tried to implement this game in our usual world of Minecraft and came out pretty cool. So, in the story, You hear screaming coming from Your neighbor's homes. You feel uneasy, but You have a burning desire to know what is still happening. On entering the house, You begin your investigation and careful study. Look for various objects and solve puzzles to open the passage to the basement. Just don't fall into the trap! Get ready to plunge into the atmosphere of horror, adventure and mystery.

Steve Cow [1.7.0]

Yes: this is exactly what You see: Steve the Cow. There is a miracle of nature in large herds – actually, the same place to spawn and normal cows. Steve is by nature a bit dull, so it can bump into the blocks that hurt him. Any beef out of it (alas!) – won't fall out, just a little experience. So does it make sense to hurt this mils, moreover, it is completely harmless? To spawn karavostamo using eggs. Here is a funny addition to the usual fauna of Minecraft.

The Orphanage [1.7.0] [Horror]

You are a long time coming home. Pass hour after hour. Outside the weather is not favourable - pouring heavy rain and lightning. The street is dark, damp, tired, but You can't sleep, because You're driving! Here in plus out of gas and the car stops on the road. You can't how to get out of your vehicle and start walking along the highway in search of a gas station or anyone who can help. After a while You notice the gate and approach him, behind them is a large building. The weather becomes colder and You are full of hope that there's someone in there and give You shelter for the night, go inside The Orphanage is one of the most popular maps of horrors for the PC version of Minecraft. The developer ported it and now You have the opportunity to play on it and the pocket. Textures and some map functions are similar, but others were altered and adapted. In the game You can scare the game, so beware!

Alteir’s Lab (Floor 1) [1.7.0] [Adventure]

Welcome to the lab Altejjra – we're glad to have You as our new employee. Our research laboratory is engaged in advanced developments in the field of security and management. To an internship with us is a great success. However, from the first day of Your work, something went wrong: noise, commotion, falling debris, the building becomes a real trap, as You are trying to get to a safe bunker. It's time to look for the crowbar and run to fend off headcrabs, only here in the dark waiting for something strange to come across him in no event it is impossible – it would mean certain death. To leave the floors, You have to collect certain items – for example, a key card that will unlock the exits. So what is this creature that attacked the lab, Altara? And if You can escape unharmed?

Serenity Breeze [1.7.0] [Creative]

The magnificence of this luxury cruise ship "Serenity Breeze" it's hard to describe in words - this is a must see. To build such beauty the Creator is gone 4 months! In order to obbegat all the interesting places, to visit all of the beautiful nooks and crannies, cafes, Park, located in the center of the deck, it will take a long time. Water parks, two theatres, a cinema and many other things. It is worth noting the elegance of proportions and the reasonableness of the buildings – both in General and in detail. All aboard!

Ores Pets (1.8 Only) [1.7.0]

Ore monsters is a new kind of cave mobs that only appear deep under the bowels of the earth. They come in five colors and look pretty unfriendly, but actually they do not attack you. Just do not anger them, otherwise grab the full. Offering ore monster diamond, with some probability You will be able to tame it! Take your new pet to the next adventure in the harsh world of Minecraft, as him the world would not be so harsh, don't worry, the pet will protect You from all kinds of bloodthirsty creatures.

Premade Realm [1.7.0] [Survival]

This map was created specifically for survival mode. It includes multiple features, for example, conventional crafts and drop from the boxes. There are also custom buildings that have been imported using McEdit via the file scheme. This resource does not include any package of actions for all functions fulfill the command blocks. Standing on various blocks, You can gain useful effects, such as speed, night vision, fire resistance. You also have the chance to find the keys, they come in common, uncommon, rare, epic and legendary. These special keys will help You to obtain nice prizes. Also on this map it is possible to create their recipes, just to put the ejector hole up and start to create. A compass on Your screen will show the direction of Your movement. Use curslack for the creation of earth, sand and gravel of solid stone.

More Cows (1.8) [1.7.0]

This is the first addon that there will be no one to replace, it instead contrary, will add several new mobs in our ordinary world of Minecraft. Here only to use this resource You will succeed only with version 1.8, since only here it is possible not to sacrifice other creatures to create new ones. Presents add-on introduces 11 cows of different color. All of them except quartz, appear in the same biome as conventional cattle. With each cow gets the object depending on their type. For example, gold cows drop gold ingots, and diamond cow throw diamonds. Quartz cow is the only one that appears in the Lower world, as all the other spawn. This Supplement is great for those who wish to facilitate survival in the harsh reality of Minecraft.

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