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Function File For Command [1.8.0]

Already with the beta version of Minecraft 1.8 is the ability to create something new. Not spared by different teams. Let's see what offers us this resource. After applying the addon, You can use the following commands: /function invulnerable - makes You invulnerable /function tools - gives one set of diamond tools /kit function - creates a chest with useful items inside /function over_powered - impose a variety of effects, including strengthening the capacity /function of the strike  on a selected portion causes lightning to fight incessantly. /function clear - clears the player's inventory and all its imposed effects, and removes the eternal storm. If You forget any command, use /function help or /help2 function and displays a list of all available. Presented Supplement is great for survival mode. And You can create your own commands "/function". Just open the package behavior in the folder and you will see many files. Click on one of them and displayed the text. There You will be able to write the command you want using the template. You'll be able to add new files, just make sure that the extension is ".mcfunction" with any name. The file name must match the team, for example, if You specify in the file test, this name will be used /function (Command),  and will look like /function test.

SG Cube Controllers [1.7.0] [PVP]

This mini-game is very similar to the Planetary patrol. Gather your friends and call in multiplayer mode. Your goal is to capture the blocks of your opponents. To do this, You have to fight, but to succeed we need to find good weapons and armor. Here there is a straight line passing through the arena, which leads it to the platform with the best outfit. Once You become its owner, You will not stand any one player. The line in the middle part leads to the shelters and the rapid move down a level. Throw all your opponents off the platform and remain the sole survivor.

The Tower of the Time [1.8.0] [CTM]

Your mission in this map is to find and get two unique wool block, which will be required to complete the passing game. Find the passage to the top of the tower without unauthorized Prokopov and without the use of any third-party resources. On the way to the coveted blocks You will battle with monsters. Pass all the tests and You will succeed. The map does not have any checkpoints, You will have only one life and one chance to climb and it is very difficult. There are many hidden areas, chests full of useful items that will be useful during gameplay. If you lose, you will have to reinstall the map again. To get the full effect of the game don't break the established rules, do not change your game mode to creative, break buildings, and the like - from cheat lost interest.

Biome-Box [1.6.0]

Presented Supplement introduces fancy boxes with different utensils. They will randomly appear, each in their biome around the familiar to us the world of Minecraft. In order to get the contents of the boxes, You will have to break them with the sword. The addon adds only eight, differing from other boxes. Things that are stored in them, also match its biome. This is a great resource for anyone who loves survival, but wants to bring into play something interesting.

Juegos Del Hambre [1.6.0] [Survival]

This map is a large PVP arena, which accommodates from 2 to 8 participants. Call your friends and make exciting fights for survival. Here you will not only have to swing the sword, but also to develop. The game is very similar to the hunger games, as a result should remain one is the winner. The arena is also hidden chests with supplies that can help in achieving success. After the game, the card restores itself and You will be able without any effort to continue to organize new fights.

Lucky Chests [1.5.3]

This Supplement is useful for the development of in survival mode. It completely replaces the pigs in chests that will randomly spawn in Your world, so You won't be able to eat pork or ride the pig. But don't worry because the addon adds a very interesting function. Are chests will work differently than usual. Opening them, they are removed and falls to the ground any random object such as pumpkins, boards, bricks, arrows, bows, iron ingots, books, tridents. If You want to simplify your life in the challenging world of Minecraft, then download this resource and you will not regret!

Chest++ [1.5.3]

Presented Supplement will turn ordinary stalkerov in wonderful chests. This is another great way to embellish the interior of Your home. This addon offers a great variety of chests for every taste and color. In order to get them.*Censored*is to create chalker, due to the spawn egg, and use dyes to change the appearance. All the boxes are opened and have 27 slots, as usual, for this click on them with the cursor, but without dye in his hands.

OP Bonus Chest [1.2.0]

In the bonus chests, which are located near the point where the player appears in the new world, you can usually find wooden tools, some food and other stuff. But with this add-in box will appear diamond tools, jewelry, and other utility. To start the survival with this tool much more pleasant. Important: this content requires the 1.2 beta version, which is currently limited to users running Windows 10 and Android.

Glide PVP (Sky Islands) [1.1.0] [PVP]

Ten Islands floating in the sky, there will be a Pvp battle with other players. Each island has its own little things that you can take to succeed in battle. At the point of emergence there is a chest with wings. Wear them, wait until other players join the game and go to battle!

Lucky Bonus [1.1.0]

Lucky Bonus increases the likelihood of valuable items from chests generated in the fortresses, dungeons and other places. Emeralds, iron, diamonds and different items are important for the development of your favorite game. So download and install this addon to make survival mode a little easier.

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