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Plain and perekrestnoe gorge

Presented in side You will be on flat terrain. The most surprising thing here is that near the spawn points generate the gorge of unusual shape. We used to see a variety of long narrow ravines, and not very deep, but You will not have seen. Here crossed between two gorges. Who knows, maybe it was some mysterious symbol. Can this ravine is fraught with some mystery. Only You the strength to unravel it! Start your new adventure in this awesome side.

SG Colored Terrain [1.8.0] [CTM]

There is a suspicion that this card is made of multi-colored jelly beans Skittles, but it's not sure! Huge space, clean hills, consisting of layers of all the colors of the rainbow. The surroundings are reminiscent of the landscape of a fantastic planet. However, I have to work hard to lifeless, albeit colorful surface of this fantastic world appeared oasis – Your own civilization. The map is multiplayer, and everything you need for survival is in the trunk to save the world. Organize with your friends a small community or create your own Rainbow Kingdom. Note: not suitable for black-and-white monitors.

The Fresh Flatlands [1.8.0] [CTM]

Every person who builds a large-scale creations in a flat world unwittingly facing the same problem, when I want to see in the world around the towns, villages, castles were not so monotonous and boring. Now with this card to create something will be much more interesting, because if you run out of Your building, your custom world will be its continuation, because You will be able to observe magnificent views stretching endlessly into the distance. Forget about the emptiness and dejection. In totality this card has 17 different custom structures, 14 different villages, 76 species of trees, 24 variant biomes. Also there are no dungeons. But the map conceals a secret! Try it to uncover!

Moonscape [1.8.0] [CTM]

This is a custom map of the area, including the area of the lunar landscape, covering 70 000 blocks (approximately 290 x 270 blocks). Here it is presented in pure form, i.e. without any buildings. You can use landscape for anything. For example, try to build a launching pad for missiles or a huge space station, it will look very realistic. Only Your imagination can transform this area. It should be noted that the boundary - slopes of the hollow, and in them nothing to produce.

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